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func GetConsoleSummariesFromDefs

func GetConsoleSummariesFromDefs(c context.Context, consoleEnts []*common.Console, projectID string) (
	map[common.ConsoleID]*ui.BuilderSummaryGroup, error)

GetConsoleSummariesFromDefs returns a map of consoleID -> summary from the datastore using a slice of console definitions as input.

This expects all builders in all consoles coming from the same projectID.


type BuilderID

type BuilderID string

BuilderID is the universal ID of a builder, and has the form:


func (BuilderID) Buildbot

func (b BuilderID) Buildbot() bool

Buildbot returns true iff this BuilderID originates from a buildbot builder.

func (BuilderID) Get

func (b BuilderID) Get(c context.Context, limit int, cursor string) (*ui.Builder, error)

Get allows you to obtain the resp.Builder that corresponds with this BuilderID.

func (b BuilderID) SelfLink(project string) string

SelfLink returns LUCI URL of the builder.

func (BuilderID) Split

func (b BuilderID) Split() (backend, backendGroup, builderName string, err error)

Split breaks the BuilderID into pieces.

  • backend is either 'buildbot' or 'buildbucket'
  • backendGroup is either the bucket or master name
  • builderName is the builder name.

Returns an error if the BuilderID is malformed (wrong # slashes) or if any of the pieces are empty.

type ConsoleRow

type ConsoleRow struct {
	Commit string
	Builds map[int][]*model.BuildSummary

ConsoleRow is one row of a particular console.

It has the git commit for the row, as well as a mapping of column index to the Builds associated with it for this commit. The columns are defined by the order of the Builder messages in the Console config message (one column per Builder message).

Builds is a map since most commit rows have a small subset of the available builders.

func GetConsoleRows

func GetConsoleRows(c context.Context, project string, console *config.Console, commits []string) ([]*ConsoleRow, error)

GetConsoleRows returns a row-oriented collection of BuildSummary objects. Each row corresponds to the similarly-indexed commit in the `commits` slice.

type ID

type ID interface {
	Get(c context.Context) (*ui.MiloBuild, error)

	// GetLog is only implemented by swarming; this is for serving the deprecated
	//   swarming/task/<id>/steps/<logname>
	// API. Once that's removed, this should be removed as well.
	GetLog(c context.Context, logname string) (text string, closed bool, err error)

ID represents a universal 'build' ID. Each subpackage of buildsource implements an ID (as the type BuildID, e.g. swarming.BuildID), which has buildsource-specific fields, but always implements this ID interface.

The frontend constructs an ID from the appropriate buildsource, then calls its .Get() method to get the generic MiloBuild representation.


Path Synopsis
Package buildstore implements storage of //milo/api/buildbot/* types.
Package buildstore implements storage of //milo/api/buildbot/* types.

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