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func Start

func Start() (err error)

Start starts the proxy.


type Player

type Player interface {
	// Identity returns the IdentityData of the player.
	Identity() login.IdentityData

	// Send transfers the player to a server.
	Send(info server.Info, config ...server.ConnectConfig) error

	// Message sends a chat message to a player.
	Message(message string) error

	// Kick kicks a player from the proxy, if no reason is provided a default reason is used.
	Kick(reason ...string)

	// Server returns the current server that a player is in, if they aren't in a server it will be nil.
	Server() server.Server

	// WritePacket writes a packet directly to the player.
	WritePacket(packet packet.Packet) error

Player is a player connected to the proxy.

type Proxy

type Proxy interface {
	Motd() string
	Players() map[string]Player
	GetPlayer(string) (Player, error)

Proxy is as the name implies, a proxy.

var VastleX Proxy = vastlex

VastleX is the main structure for the proxy.

type Structure

type Structure struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Structure is the structure of VastleX.

func (*Structure) Config

func (vastlex *Structure) Config() config.Structure


func (*Structure) GetPlayer

func (vastlex *Structure) GetPlayer(username string) (Player, error)


func (*Structure) Motd

func (vastlex *Structure) Motd() string


func (*Structure) Players

func (vastlex *Structure) Players() map[string]Player


func (*Structure) SetMotd

func (vastlex *Structure) SetMotd(motd string)



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