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Persistence API for VolantMQ




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type Errors

type Errors int

Errors persistence errors

const (
	// ErrInvalidArgs invalid arguments provided
	ErrInvalidArgs Errors = iota
	// ErrUnknownProvider if provider is unknown
	// ErrInvalidConfig provided config is invalid
	// ErrAlreadyExists object already exists
	// ErrNotInitialized persistence provider not initialized yet
	// ErrNotFound object not found
	// ErrNotOpen storage is not open
	// ErrBrokenEntry persisted entry does not meet requirements

func (Errors) Error

func (e Errors) Error() string

Errors description during persistence

type Expiry

type Expiry interface {
	ExpiryStore(id []byte, delays *SessionDelays) error
	ExpiryDelete(id []byte) error

Expiry session expiration interface

type IFace

type IFace interface {
	Sessions() (Sessions, error)
	Retained() (Retained, error)
	System() (System, error)
	Shutdown() error

IFace interface implemented by different backends

type PacketLoader

type PacketLoader func(interface{}, *PersistedPacket) (bool, error)

PacketLoader application callback doing packed decode when return true in first return packet will be deleted if error presented load interrupted after current packet

type Packets

type Packets interface {
	PacketCountQoS0(id []byte) (uint64, error)
	PacketCountQoS12(id []byte) (uint64, error)
	PacketCountUnAck(id []byte) (uint64, error)
	PacketStoreQoS0(id []byte, packets *PersistedPacket) error
	PacketStoreQoS12(id []byte, packets *PersistedPacket) error
	PacketsForEachQoS0(id []byte, ctx interface{}, loader PacketLoader) error
	PacketsForEachQoS12(id []byte, ctx interface{}, loader PacketLoader) error
	PacketsForEachUnAck(id []byte, ctx interface{}, loader PacketLoader) error
	PacketsStore(id []byte, packets PersistedPackets) error
	PacketsDelete(id []byte) error

Packets interface for connection to handle packets

type PersistedPacket

type PersistedPacket struct {
	// ExpireAt shows either packet has expiration value
	ExpireAt string
	// Data is encoded byte stream as it goes over network
	Data []byte

PersistedPacket wraps packet to handle misc cases like expiration

type PersistedPackets

type PersistedPackets struct {
	QoS0  []*PersistedPacket
	QoS12 []*PersistedPacket
	UnAck []*PersistedPacket

PersistedPackets array of persisted packets

type Retained

type Retained interface {
	// Store persist retained message
	// it wipes previously set values
	Store([]*PersistedPacket) error
	// Load load retained messages
	Load() ([]*PersistedPacket, error)
	// Wipe retained storage
	Wipe() error

Retained provider for load/store retained messages

type SessionBase

type SessionBase struct {
	Timestamp string
	Version   byte

SessionBase ...

type SessionDelays

type SessionDelays struct {
	Since    string
	ExpireIn string
	Will     []byte

SessionDelays formerly known as expiry set timestamp to handle will delay and/or expiration

type SessionLoader

type SessionLoader interface {
	LoadSession(ctx interface{}, id []byte, state *SessionState) error

SessionLoader implemented by session manager to load persisted sessions when server starts

type SessionState

type SessionState struct {
	Subscriptions []byte
	Errors        []error
	Expire        *SessionDelays

SessionState object

type Sessions

type Sessions interface {
	Create(id []byte, state *SessionBase) error
	Count() uint64
	LoadForEach(loader SessionLoader, ctx interface{}) error
	// Exists check session if presented in storage
	Exists(id []byte) bool
	Delete(id []byte) error

Sessions interface allows operating with sessions inside backend

type State

type State interface {
	StateStore(id []byte, state *SessionState) error
	StateDelete(id []byte) error

State session state interface

type Subscriptions

type Subscriptions interface {
	SubscriptionsStore([]byte, []byte) error
	SubscriptionsDelete([]byte) error

Subscriptions session subscriptions interface

type System

type System interface {
	GetInfo() (*SystemState, error)

System persistence state of the system configuration

type SystemState

type SystemState struct {
	Version   string
	CreatedAt string

SystemState system configuration

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