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func NewTree

func NewTree(base string) (Provider, []types.RetainObject, []DynamicValue, error)

NewTree allocate systree provider


type BytesMetric

type BytesMetric interface {
	Sent(bytes uint64)
	Received(bytes uint64)

BytesMetric bytes metric

type ClientConnectStatus

type ClientConnectStatus struct {
	Address           string
	Username          string
	Timestamp         string
	ReceiveMaximum    uint32
	MaximumPacketSize uint32
	KeepAlive         uint16
	GeneratedID       bool
	CleanSession      bool
	Durable           bool
	SessionPresent    bool
	PreserveOrder     bool
	MaximumQoS        mqttp.QosType
	Protocol          mqttp.ProtocolVersion
	ConnAckCode       mqttp.ReasonCode

ClientConnectStatus is argument to client connected state

type Clients

type Clients interface {
	Connected(id string, status *ClientConnectStatus)
	Disconnected(id string, reason mqttp.ReasonCode)

Clients Statistic of sessions

type DynamicValue

type DynamicValue interface {
	Topic() string
	// Retained used by topics provider to get retained message when there is new subscription to given topic
	Retained() *mqttp.Publish
	// Publish used by systree update routine to publish new value when on periodic basis
	Publish() *mqttp.Publish

DynamicValue interface describes states of the dynamic value

type Metric

type Metric interface {
	Bytes() BytesMetric
	Packets() PacketsMetric

Metric is wrap around all of metrics

type PacketsMetric

type PacketsMetric interface {
	Sent(t mqttp.Type)
	Received(t mqttp.Type)

PacketsMetric packets metric

type Provider

type Provider interface {
	Metric() Metric
	Topics() TopicsStat
	Subscriptions() SubscriptionsStat
	Clients() Clients
	Sessions() Sessions

Provider systree provider

type SessionCreatedStatus

type SessionCreatedStatus struct {
	ExpiryInterval string `json:"expiryInterval,omitempty"`
	WillDelay      string `json:"willDelay,omitempty"`
	Timestamp      string `json:"timestamp"`
	Clean          bool   `json:"clean"`
	Durable        bool   `json:"durable"`

SessionCreatedStatus report when session status once created

type SessionDeletedStatus

type SessionDeletedStatus struct {
	Timestamp string `json:"timestamp"`
	Reason    string `json:"reason"`

SessionDeletedStatus report when session status once deleted

type Sessions

type Sessions interface {
	Created(id string, status *SessionCreatedStatus)
	Removed(id string, status *SessionDeletedStatus)

Sessions Statistic of sessions

type SubscriptionsStat

type SubscriptionsStat interface {

SubscriptionsStat statistic of subscriptions

type TopicsStat

type TopicsStat interface {

TopicsStat statistic of topics

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