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Published: Sep 30, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



var TransGateWayAddress string

func AgentRegister

func AgentRegister(param m.RegisterParamNew) (validateMessage, guid string, err error)

func AlarmControl

func AlarmControl(c *gin.Context)

func AutoUpdateProcessMonitor

func AutoUpdateProcessMonitor(c *gin.Context)

func CustomMetricPush

func CustomMetricPush(c *gin.Context)

func CustomRegister

func CustomRegister(c *gin.Context)

func DeregisterAgent

func DeregisterAgent(c *gin.Context)

func DeregisterJob

func DeregisterJob(guid string) error

func ExportAgentNew

func ExportAgentNew(c *gin.Context)

func ExportPanelAdd

func ExportPanelAdd(c *gin.Context)

func ExportPanelDelete

func ExportPanelDelete(c *gin.Context)

func ExportPingSource

func ExportPingSource(c *gin.Context)

func GetEndpointTelnet

func GetEndpointTelnet(c *gin.Context)

func GetPanelRecursive

func GetPanelRecursive(c *gin.Context)

func InitAgentManager

func InitAgentManager()

func RegisterAgentNew

func RegisterAgentNew(c *gin.Context)

func ReloadEndpointMetric

func ReloadEndpointMetric(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateEndpointTelnet

func UpdateEndpointTelnet(c *gin.Context)
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