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Published: Jul 29, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func AcceptAlertMsg

func AcceptAlertMsg(c *gin.Context)

func AddGrp

func AddGrp(c *gin.Context)

func AddLogStrategy

func AddLogStrategy(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 日志告警配置接口 : 新增 @Produce json @Param grp_id query int false "组Id,和对象id二选一" @Param endpoint_id query int false "对象Id,和组id二选一" @Param path query string true "表单输入的日志路径" @Param strategy query string true "对象数组类型[{'keyword':'关键字','cond':'条件,如 >1','last':'时间范围,如 5min','priority':'优先级,如 high'}]" @Success 200 {string} json "{"message": "Success"}" @Router /api/v1/alarm/log/monitor/add [post]

func AddStrategy

func AddStrategy(c *gin.Context)

func CloseALarm

func CloseALarm(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 手动关闭告警接口 @Produce json @Param id query int true "告警id" @Success 200 {string} json "{"message": "Success"}" @Router /api/v1/alarm/problem/close [get]

func DeleteGrp

func DeleteGrp(c *gin.Context)

func DeleteLogPath

func DeleteLogPath(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 日志告警配置接口 : 删除 @Produce json @Param id query int true "strategy_id" @Success 200 {string} json "{"message": "Success"}" @Router /api/v1/alarm/log/monitor/delete_path [get]

func DeleteLogStrategy

func DeleteLogStrategy(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 日志告警配置接口 : 删除 @Produce json @Param id query int true "id" @Success 200 {string} json "{"message": "Success"}" @Router /api/v1/alarm/log/monitor/delete [get]

func DeleteStrategy

func DeleteStrategy(c *gin.Context)

func EditGrpEndpoint

func EditGrpEndpoint(c *gin.Context)

func EditLogPath

func EditLogPath(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 日志告警配置接口 : 修改日志路径 @Produce json @Param id query int true "列表获取中的id" @Param tpl_id query int true "列表获取中的tpl_id" @Param path query string true "新的日志路径" @Success 200 {string} json "{"message": "Success"}" @Router /api/v1/alarm/log/monitor/update_path [post]

func EditLogStrategy

func EditLogStrategy(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 日志告警配置接口 : 修改 @Produce json @Param tpl_id query int true "列表获取中的tpl_id" @Param path query string true "表单输入的日志路径" @Param strategy query string true "对象数组类型[{'id':int类型, 'strategy_id':int类型,'keyword':'关键字','cond':'条件,如 >1','last':'时间范围,如 5min','priority':'优先级,如 high'}]" @Success 200 {string} json "{"message": "Success"}" @Router /api/v1/alarm/log/monitor/update [post]

func EditStrategy

func EditStrategy(c *gin.Context)

func ExportGrpStrategy

func ExportGrpStrategy(c *gin.Context)

func GetEndpointBusinessConfig

func GetEndpointBusinessConfig(c *gin.Context)

func GetEndpointProcessConfig

func GetEndpointProcessConfig(c *gin.Context)

func GetEntityAlarm

func GetEntityAlarm(c *gin.Context)

func GetGrpRole

func GetGrpRole(c *gin.Context)

func GetHistoryAlarm

func GetHistoryAlarm(c *gin.Context)

func GetOrgConnect

func GetOrgConnect(c *gin.Context)

func GetOrgPanelEndpoint

func GetOrgPanelEndpoint(c *gin.Context)

func GetOrgPanelEventList

func GetOrgPanelEventList(c *gin.Context)

func GetOrgPanelRole

func GetOrgPanelRole(c *gin.Context)

func GetOrganizaionList

func GetOrganizaionList(c *gin.Context)

func GetProblemAlarm

func GetProblemAlarm(c *gin.Context)

func ImportGrpStrategy

func ImportGrpStrategy(c *gin.Context)

func IsPluginMode

func IsPluginMode(c *gin.Context)

func ListEndpoint

func ListEndpoint(c *gin.Context)

func ListGrp

func ListGrp(c *gin.Context)

func ListLogTpl

func ListLogTpl(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 日志告警配置接口 : 获取列表 @Description 获取配置好的对象或组的日志告警列表 @Produce json @Param type query string true "类型,区分是单个对象还是组,枚举endpoint、grp" @Param id query int true "对象或组的id" @Router /api/v1/alarm/log/monitor/list [get]

func ListTpl

func ListTpl(c *gin.Context)

func OpenAlarmApi

func OpenAlarmApi(c *gin.Context)

func QueryEntityAlarm

func QueryEntityAlarm(c *gin.Context)

func SaveConfigFile

func SaveConfigFile(tplId int, fromCluster bool) error

func SearchObjOption

func SearchObjOption(c *gin.Context)

func SearchUserRole

func SearchUserRole(c *gin.Context)

func SyncConfigHandle

func SyncConfigHandle(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

func SyncConsulHandle

func SyncConsulHandle(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

func SyncInitConfigFile

func SyncInitConfigFile()

func SyncInitSdFile

func SyncInitSdFile()

func TestNotifyAlarm

func TestNotifyAlarm(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateEndpointBusinessConfig

func UpdateEndpointBusinessConfig(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateEndpointMaintain

func UpdateEndpointMaintain(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateEndpointProcessConfig

func UpdateEndpointProcessConfig(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateGrp

func UpdateGrp(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateGrpRole

func UpdateGrpRole(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateNodeExporterBusinessConfig

func UpdateNodeExporterBusinessConfig(endpointId int) error

func UpdateOrgConnect

func UpdateOrgConnect(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateOrgPanel

func UpdateOrgPanel(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateOrgPanelCallback

func UpdateOrgPanelCallback(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateOrgPanelEndpoint

func UpdateOrgPanelEndpoint(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateOrgPanelRole

func UpdateOrgPanelRole(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateTplAction

func UpdateTplAction(c *gin.Context)
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