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Published: Mar 4, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


type EchoEchoHandler

type EchoEchoHandler struct {
	Deps *module.Dependencies
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EchoEchoHandler is the handler for "Echo::echo".

func NewEchoEchoHandler

func NewEchoEchoHandler(deps *module.Dependencies) *EchoEchoHandler

NewEchoEchoHandler creates a handler to be registered with a thrift server.

func (*EchoEchoHandler) Handle

func (h *EchoEchoHandler) Handle(
	ctx context.Context,
	reqHeaders map[string]string,
	wireValue *wire.Value,
) (isSuccessful bool, response zanzibar.RWTStruct, headers map[string]string, e error)

Handle handles RPC call of "Echo::echo".

func (*EchoEchoHandler) Register

func (h *EchoEchoHandler) Register(g *zanzibar.Gateway) error

Register adds the tchannel handler to the gateway's tchannel router

type Endpoint

type Endpoint interface {
	Register(*zanzibar.Gateway) error

Endpoint registers a request handler on a gateway

func NewEndpoint

func NewEndpoint(deps *module.Dependencies) Endpoint

NewEndpoint returns a collection of endpoints that can be registered on a gateway

type EndpointHandlers

type EndpointHandlers struct {
	EchoEchoHandler *EchoEchoHandler

EndpointHandlers is a collection of individual endpoint handlers

func (*EndpointHandlers) Register

func (handlers *EndpointHandlers) Register(gateway *zanzibar.Gateway) error

Register registers the endpoint handlers with the gateway

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