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type API

type API struct{}

API qrcode

func (API) CreateQRCode

func (API) CreateQRCode(c *gin.Context)

CreateQRCode /api/qr-code/create @Summary Generate QR Code with animated logo and background image. @Description Generate QR Code with animated logo and background image. @Tags Generator @Accept mpfd @Produce json,xml @Param content body string true "Content in QRCode" @Param level body string true "Level L|M|Q|H" @Param size body int true "Size of the image" @Param backColor body string false "Hex color" @Param foreColor body string false "Hex color" @Param logoImage formData file false "Logo image file" @Param logoGifImage formData file false "Logo gif image file" @Param backgroundImage formData file false "Background image file" @Success 200 {object} data.APIResponse @Failure 400 {object} data.APIResponse @Failure 429 {object} data.APIResponse @Failure 500 {object} data.APIResponse @Router /api/qr-code/create [post]

type Request

type Request struct {
	Content         string                `json:"content" xml:"content" form:"content" bind:"required"`
	Level           string                `json:"level" xml:"level" form:"level" bind:"required"`
	Size            int                   `json:"size" xml:"size" form:"size"`
	BackgroundColor string                `json:"backColor" xml:"backColor" form:"backColor"`
	ForegroundColor string                `json:"foreColor" xml:"foreColor" form:"foreColor"`
	LogoImage       *multipart.FileHeader `json:"logoImage" xml:"logoImage" form:"logoImage"`
	LogoGifImage    *multipart.FileHeader `json:"logoGifImage" xml:"logoGifImage" form:"logoGifImage"`
	BackgroundImage *multipart.FileHeader `json:"backgroundImage" xml:"backgroundImage" form:"backgroundImage"`

Request /api/qr-code/create

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