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Package hack gives you some efficient functionality at the cost of breaking some Go rules.



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func String

func String(b []byte) (s string)

String force casts a []byte to a string. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

func StringPointer

func StringPointer(s string) unsafe.Pointer

StringPointer returns &s[0], which is not allowed in go


type StringArena

type StringArena struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StringArena lets you consolidate allocations for a group of strings that have similar life length

func NewStringArena

func NewStringArena(size int) *StringArena

NewStringArena creates an arena of the specified size.

func (*StringArena) NewString

func (sa *StringArena) NewString(b []byte) string

NewString copies a byte slice into the arena and returns it as a string. If the arena is full, it returns a traditional go string.

func (*StringArena) SpaceLeft

func (sa *StringArena) SpaceLeft() int

SpaceLeft returns the amount of space left in the arena.

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