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The basics of executing custom queries using the ExecuteStringQuery method in the quick package.


quick-string-queries-example demonstrates how to execute custom queries using the quick package. This example first drops all existing vertices, adds a new vertex, and queries the graph for the label of the newly added vertex.


  • go 1.12
  • Git
  • Elastic Search
  • Cassandra
    • Java 8


To run this test you will need a TinkerPop server running and a graph database to connect to locally. This example was tested while using JanusGraph which can be used by locating yourself to the root directory of the Grammes project.

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/northwesternmutual/grammes

After locating yourself here then you may change directory to the /scripts folder.

cd scripts

Finally you may run the janusgraph.sh script to begin a local instance of JanusGraph. This will begin the TinkerPop server for you as well.


For further instructions please find yourself to the root README.md file.


General steps
  • Create a zap logger to help explain what's going on in the test and display the results.
  • Adds a test vertex to the graph using ExecuteStringQuery found in the quick package.
    • For testing this was created using JanusGraph. This can be run in the /scripts directory.
  • Adds a label to the vertex that we have created.
  • Recovers the label by running the query g.V().label() via the ExecuteStringQuery method.
  • Drop all of the possible interfering vertices that were already on the graph.
  • Defer a drop of all the testing vertices. This is done as clean up.

Test specific steps
  • Shows how to execute string queries without a client


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