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const (
	// PanicLevel level, highest level of severity. Logs and then calls panic with the
	// message passed to Debug, Info, ...
	PanicLevel = logrus.PanicLevel
	// FatalLevel level. Logs and then calls `logger.Exit(1)`. It will exit even if the
	// logging level is set to Panic.
	FatalLevel = logrus.FatalLevel
	// ErrorLevel level. Logs. Used for errors that should definitely be noted.
	// Commonly used for hooks to send errors to an error tracking service.
	ErrorLevel = logrus.ErrorLevel
	// WarnLevel level. Non-critical entries that deserve eyes.
	WarnLevel = logrus.WarnLevel
	// InfoLevel level. General operational entries about what's going on inside the
	// application.
	InfoLevel = logrus.InfoLevel
	// DebugLevel level. Usually only enabled when debugging. Very verbose logging.
	DebugLevel = logrus.DebugLevel
	// TraceLevel level. Designates finer-grained informational events than the Debug.
	TraceLevel = logrus.TraceLevel


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var CurrentLevel = InfoLevel


func LogDebugJSON added in v1.5.0

func LogDebugJSON(message string, content interface{})

func LogDebugWithLevel

func LogDebugWithLevel(msg string, args ...interface{})

func LogError

func LogError(msg string, err error, args ...map[string]interface{})

func LogErrorWithLevel

func LogErrorWithLevel(msg string, err error, args ...map[string]interface{})

func LogInfo

func LogInfo(msg string, args ...interface{})

func LogInfoWithLevel

func LogInfoWithLevel(msg string, args ...interface{})

func LogPanic

func LogPanic(msg string, err error, args ...map[string]interface{})

func LogPanicWithLevel

func LogPanicWithLevel(msg string, err error, args ...map[string]interface{})

func LogPrint

func LogPrint(msg string)

func LogStringAsError

func LogStringAsError(msg string)

func LogTraceWithLevel

func LogTraceWithLevel(msg string, args ...interface{})

func LogWarnWithLevel

func LogWarnWithLevel(msg string, args ...interface{})

func SetLogLevel

func SetLogLevel(level string)


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