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Published: Nov 16, 2023 License: MIT Imports: 14 Imported by: 1,345



A HTML templating language for Go that has great developer tooling.



See user documentation at https://templ.guide

Go Reference xc compatible Go Coverage Go Report Card



Build a local version.

go run ./get-version > .version
cd cmd/templ
go build


Build and install to ~/bin

rm cmd/templ/lspcmd/*.txt || true
go run ./get-version > .version
cd cmd/templ && go build -o ~/bin/templ


Use goreleaser to build the command line binary using goreleaser.

goreleaser build --snapshot --clean


Run templ generate using local version.

go run ./cmd/templ generate -include-version=false


Run Go tests.

go run ./get-version > .version
go run ./cmd/templ generate -include-version=false
go test ./...


Run Go tests.

# Create test profile directories.
mkdir -p coverage/fmt
mkdir -p coverage/generate
mkdir -p coverage/unit
# Build the test binary.
go build -cover -o ./coverage/templ-cover ./cmd/templ
# Run the covered generate command.
GOCOVERDIR=coverage/fmt ./coverage/templ-cover fmt .
GOCOVERDIR=coverage/generate ./coverage/templ-cover generate -include-version=false
# Run the unit tests.
go test -cover ./... -args -test.gocoverdir="$PWD/coverage/unit"
# Display the combined percentage.
go tool covdata percent -i=./coverage/fmt,./coverage/generate,./coverage/unit
# Generate a text coverage profile for tooling to use.
go tool covdata textfmt -i=./coverage/fmt,./coverage/generate,./coverage/unit -o coverage.out
# Print total
go tool cover -func coverage.out | grep total


Run benchmarks.

go run ./cmd/templ generate -include-version=false && go test ./... -bench=. -benchmem


Format all Go and templ code.

gofmt -s -w .
go run ./cmd/templ fmt .


golangci-lint run --verbose


Create production build with goreleaser.

if [ "${GITHUB_TOKEN}" == "" ]; then echo "No github token, run:"; echo "export GITHUB_TOKEN=`pass github.com/goreleaser_access_token`"; exit 1; fi
goreleaser --clean


Run the development server.

Directory: docs

npm run start


Build production docs site.

Directory: docs

npm run build




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const FailedSanitizationURL = SafeURL("about:invalid#TemplFailedSanitizationURL")

FailedSanitizationURL is returned if a URL fails sanitization checks.


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var NopComponent = ComponentFunc(func(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer) error { return nil })

NopComponent is a component that doesn't render anything.

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var Version string


func Bool added in v0.0.139

func Bool(value bool) bool

Bool attribute value.

func CSSID added in v0.0.113

func CSSID(name string, css string) string

CSSID calculates an ID.

func ClearChildren added in v0.2.184

func ClearChildren(ctx context.Context) context.Context

func EscapeString

func EscapeString(s string) string

EscapeString escapes HTML text within templates.

func GetBuffer added in v0.2.194

func GetBuffer() *bytes.Buffer

func InitializeContext added in v0.2.184

func InitializeContext(ctx context.Context) context.Context

InitializeContext initializes context used to store internal state used during rendering.

func ReleaseBuffer added in v0.2.194

func ReleaseBuffer(b *bytes.Buffer)

func RenderCSSItems added in v0.2.184

func RenderCSSItems(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer, classes ...any) (err error)

RenderCSSItems renders the CSS to the writer, if the items haven't already been rendered.

func RenderScriptItems added in v0.2.184

func RenderScriptItems(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer, scripts ...ComponentScript) (err error)

RenderScriptItems renders a <script> element, if the script has not already been rendered.

func SafeScript added in v0.0.139

func SafeScript(functionName string, params ...any) string

SafeScript encodes unknown parameters for safety for inside HTML attributes.

func SafeScriptInline added in v0.2.476

func SafeScriptInline(functionName string, params ...any) string

SafeScript encodes unknown parameters for safety for inline scripts.

func WithChildren added in v0.2.184

func WithChildren(ctx context.Context, children Component) context.Context

func WithContentType added in v0.0.148

func WithContentType(contentType string) func(*ComponentHandler)

WithConentType sets the Content-Type header returned by the ComponentHandler.

func WithErrorHandler added in v0.0.139

func WithErrorHandler(eh func(r *http.Request, err error) http.Handler) func(*ComponentHandler)

WithErrorHandler sets the error handler used if rendering fails.

func WithStatus added in v0.0.139

func WithStatus(status int) func(*ComponentHandler)

WithStatus sets the HTTP status code returned by the ComponentHandler.


type CSSClass added in v0.0.113

type CSSClass interface {
	ClassName() string

CSSClass provides a class name.

func Class added in v0.0.113

func Class(name string) CSSClass

Class returns a CSS class name. Deprecated: use a string instead.

func SafeClass added in v0.0.139

func SafeClass(name string) CSSClass

SafeClass bypasses CSS class name validation. Deprecated: use a string instead.

type CSSClasses added in v0.0.113

type CSSClasses []any

CSSClasses is a slice of CSS classes.

func Classes added in v0.0.113

func Classes(classes ...any) CSSClasses

Classes for CSS. Supported types are string, ConstantCSSClass, ComponentCSSClass, map[string]bool.

func (CSSClasses) String added in v0.0.113

func (classes CSSClasses) String() string

String returns the names of all CSS classes.

type CSSHandler added in v0.0.113

type CSSHandler struct {
	Logger  func(err error)
	Classes []ComponentCSSClass

CSSHandler is a HTTP handler that serves CSS.

func NewCSSHandler added in v0.0.113

func NewCSSHandler(classes ...CSSClass) CSSHandler

NewCSSHandler creates a handler that serves a stylesheet containing the CSS of the classes passed in. This is used by the CSSMiddleware to provide global stylesheets for templ components.

func (CSSHandler) ServeHTTP added in v0.0.113

func (cssh CSSHandler) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

type CSSMiddleware added in v0.0.113

type CSSMiddleware struct {
	Path       string
	CSSHandler CSSHandler
	Next       http.Handler

CSSMiddleware renders a global stylesheet.

func NewCSSMiddleware added in v0.0.113

func NewCSSMiddleware(next http.Handler, classes ...CSSClass) CSSMiddleware

NewCSSMiddleware creates HTTP middleware that renders a global stylesheet of ComponentCSSClass CSS if the request path matches, or updates the HTTP context to ensure that any handlers that use templ.Components skip rendering <style> elements for classes that are included in the global stylesheet. By default, the stylesheet path is /styles/templ.css

func (CSSMiddleware) ServeHTTP added in v0.0.113

func (cssm CSSMiddleware) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

type Component

type Component interface {
	// Render the template.
	Render(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer) error

Component is the interface that all templates implement.

func GetChildren added in v0.2.184

func GetChildren(ctx context.Context) Component

GetChildren from the context.

type ComponentCSSClass added in v0.0.113

type ComponentCSSClass struct {
	// ID of the class, will be autogenerated.
	ID string
	// Definition of the CSS.
	Class SafeCSS

ComponentCSSClass is a templ.CSS

func (ComponentCSSClass) ClassName added in v0.0.113

func (css ComponentCSSClass) ClassName() string

ClassName of the CSS class.

type ComponentFunc

type ComponentFunc func(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer) error

ComponentFunc converts a function that matches the Component interface's Render method into a Component.

func (ComponentFunc) Render

func (cf ComponentFunc) Render(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer) error

Render the template.

type ComponentHandler added in v0.0.139

type ComponentHandler struct {
	Component    Component
	Status       int
	ContentType  string
	ErrorHandler func(r *http.Request, err error) http.Handler

ComponentHandler is a http.Handler that renders components.

func Handler added in v0.0.139

func Handler(c Component, options ...func(*ComponentHandler)) *ComponentHandler

Handler creates a http.Handler that renders the template.

func (ComponentHandler) ServeHTTP added in v0.0.139

func (ch ComponentHandler) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

ServeHTTP implements the http.Handler interface.

type ComponentScript added in v0.0.139

type ComponentScript struct {
	// Name of the script, e.g. print.
	Name string
	// Function to render.
	Function string
	// Call of the function in JavaScript syntax, including parameters, and
	// ensures parameters are HTML escaped; useful for injecting into HTML
	// attributes like onclick, onhover, etc.
	// Given:
	//    functionName("some string",12345)
	// It would render:
	//    __templ_functionName_sha(&#34;some string&#34;,12345))
	// This is can be injected into HTML attributes:
	//    <button onClick="__templ_functionName_sha(&#34;some string&#34;,12345))">Click Me</button>
	Call string
	// Call of the function in JavaScript syntax, including parameters. It
	// does not HTML escape parameters; useful for directly calling in script
	// elements.
	// Given:
	//    functionName("some string",12345)
	// It would render:
	//    __templ_functionName_sha("some string",12345))
	// This is can be used to call the function inside a script tag:
	//    <script>__templ_functionName_sha("some string",12345))</script>
	CallInline string

ComponentScript is a templ Script template.

func (ComponentScript) Render added in v0.2.476

func (c ComponentScript) Render(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer) error

type ConstantCSSClass added in v0.0.113

type ConstantCSSClass string

ConstantCSSClass is a string constant of a CSS class name. Deprecated: use a string instead.

func (ConstantCSSClass) ClassName added in v0.0.113

func (css ConstantCSSClass) ClassName() string

ClassName of the CSS class.

type KeyValue added in v0.2.282

type KeyValue[TKey comparable, TValue any] struct {
	Key   TKey   `json:"name"`
	Value TValue `json:"value"`

KeyValue is a key and value pair.

func KV added in v0.2.282

func KV[TKey comparable, TValue any](key TKey, value TValue) KeyValue[TKey, TValue]

KV creates a new key/value pair from the input key and value.

type SafeCSS added in v0.0.113

type SafeCSS string

SafeCSS is CSS that has been sanitized.

func SanitizeCSS added in v0.0.113

func SanitizeCSS(property, value string) SafeCSS

SanitizeCSS sanitizes CSS properties to ensure that they are safe.

type SafeURL added in v0.0.113

type SafeURL string

SafeURL is a URL that has been sanitized.

func URL added in v0.0.113

func URL(s string) SafeURL

URL sanitizes the input string s and returns a SafeURL.

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