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1169. Invalid Transactions

A transaction is possibly invalid if:

  • the amount exceeds $1000, or;
  • if it occurs within (and including) 60 minutes of another transaction with the same name in a different city.

Each transaction string transactions[i] consists of comma separated values representing the name, time (in minutes), amount, and city of the transaction.

Given a list of transactions, return a list of transactions that are possibly invalid. You may return the answer in any order.

Example 1:

Input: transactions = ["alice,20,800,mtv","alice,50,100,beijing"]
Output: ["alice,20,800,mtv","alice,50,100,beijing"]
Explanation: The first transaction is invalid because the second transaction occurs within a difference of 60 minutes, have the same name and is in a different city. Similarly the second one is invalid too.

Example 2:

Input: transactions = ["alice,20,800,mtv","alice,50,1200,mtv"]
Output: ["alice,50,1200,mtv"]

Example 3:

Input: transactions = ["alice,20,800,mtv","bob,50,1200,mtv"]
Output: ["bob,50,1200,mtv"]


  • transactions.length <= 1000
  • Each transactions[i] takes the form "{name},{time},{amount},{city}"
  • Each {name} and {city} consist of lowercase English letters, and have lengths between 1 and 10.
  • Each {time} consist of digits, and represent an integer between 0 and 1000.
  • Each {amount} consist of digits, and represent an integer between 0 and 2000.


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