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A Knowledge Graph of Wikipedia.

A graph of how Ayn Rand relates to other historical figures. Orange nodes represent categories while purple nodes represent articles. This visualisation was created with the Neo4J graph browser using a small subset of the Wikipedia graph; it is not completely accurate.


Kapok aims to create a knowledge graph from Wikipedia. In this graph, each node is an article, and links between articles are the edges between nodes.


Kapok is split into 3 modular sections:

  • Parsing: extracting relevant data from a 45GB archive of Wikipedia
  • Graph: morphing the parsed data into a graph for analysis
  • Visualisation: creating interesting visualisations with the data

The parsing section of Kapok could be easily extended to replace aging Wikimedia tools like MWDumper. I'll probably do this soon.


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Stats provides utilities for analysing Wikipedia articles.
Stats provides utilities for analysing Wikipedia articles.

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