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Module for querying wolfram alpha, google, and youtube. Works great with the ultimateq irc bot.



Package query provides functions to query web interfaces.



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func Bing

func Bing(query string, conf *Config) (output string, err error)

Bing performs a query and returns a formatted result.

func GetShortURL

func GetShortURL(longURL string, conf *Config) (short string, err error)

GetShortURL takes a long url and returns a shorter url from the Google API

func GithubStars

func GithubStars(userOrRepo string, conf *Config) (count int, err error)

GithubStars takes a user (aarondl) or repo (aarondl/query) and returns the number of stars.

func Google

func Google(query string, conf *Config) (output string, err error)

Google performs a query and returns a formatted result.

func WeatherYR

func WeatherYR(query string, conf *Config) (output string, err error)

WeatherYR provides weather information from yr.no

func Wolfram

func Wolfram(query string, conf *Config) (output string, err error)

Wolfram performs a query and returns a formatted result.

func YouTube

func YouTube(msg string, cfg *Config) (output string, err error)

YouTube will check to see if a message contains a YouTube uri, if so it will format a string with the title in it.


type BingAnswer

type BingAnswer struct {
	Type         string `json:"_type"`
	QueryContext struct {
		OriginalQuery string `json:"originalQuery"`
	} `json:"queryContext"`
	WebPages struct {
		WebSearchURL          string `json:"webSearchUrl"`
		TotalEstimatedMatches int    `json:"totalEstimatedMatches"`
		Value                 []struct {
			ID               string    `json:"id"`
			Name             string    `json:"name"`
			URL              string    `json:"url"`
			IsFamilyFriendly bool      `json:"isFamilyFriendly"`
			DisplayURL       string    `json:"displayUrl"`
			Snippet          string    `json:"snippet"`
			DateLastCrawled  time.Time `json:"dateLastCrawled"`
			SearchTags       []struct {
				Name    string `json:"name"`
				Content string `json:"content"`
			} `json:"searchTags,omitempty"`
			About []struct {
				Name string `json:"name"`
			} `json:"about,omitempty"`
		} `json:"value"`
	} `json:"webPages"`
	Videos struct {
		WebSearchURL          string `json:"webSearchUrl"`
		TotalEstimatedMatches int    `json:"totalEstimatedMatches"`
		Value                 []struct {
			ID          string `json:"id"`
			Name        string `json:"name"`
			Description string `json:"description"`
			ContentURL  string `json:"contentUrl"`
			HostPageURL string `json:"hostPageUrl"`
			Duration    string `json:"duration"`
		} `json:"value"`
	} `json:"videos"`
	RelatedSearches struct {
		ID    string `json:"id"`
		Value []struct {
			Text         string `json:"text"`
			DisplayText  string `json:"displayText"`
			WebSearchURL string `json:"webSearchUrl"`
		} `json:"value"`
	} `json:"relatedSearches"`
	RankingResponse struct {
		Mainline struct {
			Items []struct {
				AnswerType  string `json:"answerType"`
				ResultIndex int    `json:"resultIndex"`
				Value       struct {
					ID string `json:"id"`
				} `json:"value"`
			} `json:"items"`
		} `json:"mainline"`
		Sidebar struct {
			Items []struct {
				AnswerType string `json:"answerType"`
				Value      struct {
					ID string `json:"id"`
				} `json:"value"`
			} `json:"items"`
		} `json:"sidebar"`
	} `json:"rankingResponse"`

This struct formats the answers provided by the Bing Web Search API.

type BingError

type BingError struct {
	Type   string `json:"_type"`
	Errors []struct {
		Code      string `json:"code"`
		SubCode   string `json:"subCode"`
		Message   string `json:"message"`
		Parameter string `json:"parameter"`
	} `json:"errors"`

type Config

type Config struct {
	BingAPIKey         string `toml:"bing_api_key"`
	GeonamesID         string `toml:"geonames_id"`
	GithubAPIKey       string `toml:"github_api_key"`
	GoogleURLAPIKey    string `toml:"google_url_api_key"`
	GoogleSearchAPIKey string `toml:"google_search_api_key"`
	GoogleSearchCXID   string `toml:"google_search_cx_id"`
	GoogleYoutubeKey   string `toml:"google_youtube_key"`
	WolframID          string `toml:"wolfram_id"`

Config is the configuration for this thing.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(file string) *Config

NewConfig loads the config file.

type GoogleQueries

type GoogleQueries struct {
	NextPage []GoogleQuery `json:"nextPage"`
	Request  []GoogleQuery `json:"request"`

GoogleQueries a set of queries involved in the current search query

type GoogleQuery

type GoogleQuery struct {
	CX             string `json:"cx"`
	Title          string `json:"title"`
	TotalResults   string `json:"totalResults"`
	SearchTerms    string `json:"searchTerms"`
	Count          int    `json:"count"`
	StartIndex     int    `json:"startIndex"`
	InputEncoding  string `json:"inputEncoding"`
	OutputEncoding string `json:"outputEncoding"`
	Safe           string `json:"safe"`

GoogleQuery is a description of a search query

type GoogleSearch

type GoogleSearch struct {
	Items   []GoogleSearchItem      `json:"items"`
	Info    GoogleSearchInformation `json:"searchInformation"`
	Queries GoogleQueries           `json:"queries"`

GoogleSearch is used to parse the response from Google.

type GoogleSearchInformation

type GoogleSearchInformation struct {
	TotalResults          string  `json:"totalResults"`
	SearchTime            float64 `json:"searchTime"`
	FormattedTotalResults string  `json:"formattedTotalResults"`
	FormattedSearchTime   string  `json:"formattedSearchTime"`

GoogleSearchInformation is meta about the search

type GoogleSearchItem

type GoogleSearchItem struct {
	Title        string `json:"title"`
	Snippet      string `json:"snippet"`
	Link         string `json:"link"`
	DisplayLink  string `json:"displayLink"`
	FormattedURL string `json:"formattedUrl"`

	HTMLTitle        string `json:"htmlTitle"`
	HTMLSnippet      string `json:"htmlSnippet"`
	HTMLFormattedURL string `json:"htmlFormattedUrl"`

	CacheID string `json:"cacheId"`
	Kind    string `json:"kind"`

GoogleSearchItem is a search result item from a google search

type Pod

type Pod struct {
	Title      string   `xml:"title,attr"`
	ID         string   `xml:"id,attr"`
	Primary    bool     `xml:"primary,attr"`
	Numsubpods int      `xml:"numsubpods,attr"`
	PlainTexts []string `xml:"subpod>plaintext"`

Pod is a substruct of WolframData.

type URLShortenQuery

type URLShortenQuery struct {
	LongURL string `json:"longUrl"`

URLShortenQuery is the json request to the server

type URLShortenResponse

type URLShortenResponse struct {
	ID      string `json:"id"`
	LongURL string `json:"longUrl"`

URLShortenResponse is the json response back from the server

type WolframData

type WolframData struct {
	XMLName     xml.Name `xml:"queryresult"`
	Success     bool     `xml:"success,attr"`
	ParseTiming float64  `xml:"parsetiming,attr"`
	Numpods     int      `xml:"numpods,attr"`
	Pods        []*Pod   `xml:"pod"`
	DidYouMeans []string `xml:"didyoumeans>didyoumean"`

WolframData is used to parse the response from WolframAlpha.

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