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Key to (multiple) values storage


  1. Capable to easily store billions of records.
  2. Supports record addition only.
  3. Support for concurrency.
  4. Highly tunable.
  5. Very simple.

How to use:

  1. Build the mastore binary.

  2. Create a store directory (e.g. 'store') in your $HOME.

  3. Create mastore.config in your $HOME:

    	"StorePath": "$HOME/store",
    	"MaxAccumSizeMiB": 1024,
    	"MaxCacheSizeKiB": 1024,
    	"MaxIndexBlockSizeKiB": 8192,
    	"MinSingularSizeKiB": 8192,
    	"CompressionLevel": -1,
    	"MaxGoroutines": 1


  4. Feed standard input of the binary with strings of form <key>\t<value>:

    mastore write < some_records.txt


  5. Read all keys for the stored records:

    mastore read -keys


  6. Read records for a specified key:

    mastore read -key=<key>


  7. Enjoy!


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