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type Handler

type Handler interface {
	Handle(srv ab.AtomicBroadcast_DeliverServer) error

Handler defines an interface which handles Deliver requests

func NewHandlerImpl

func NewHandlerImpl(sm SupportManager) Handler

NewHandlerImpl creates an implementation of the Handler interface

type Support

type Support interface {
	// Sequence returns the current config sequence number, can be used to detect config changes
	Sequence() uint64

	// PolicyManager returns the current policy manager as specified by the chain configuration
	PolicyManager() policies.Manager

	// Reader returns the chain Reader for the chain
	Reader() ledger.Reader

	// Errored returns a channel which closes when the backing consenter has errored
	Errored() <-chan struct{}

Support provides the backing resources needed to support deliver on a chain

type SupportManager

type SupportManager interface {
	GetChain(chainID string) (Support, bool)

SupportManager provides a way for the Handler to look up the Support for a chain

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