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configupdate is an implementation of the broadcast.Proccessor interface It facilitates the preprocessing of CONFIG_UPDATE transactions which can generate either new CONFIG transactions or new channel creation ORDERER_TRANSACTION messages.



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type Processor

type Processor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(systemChannelID string, supportManager SupportManager, signer crypto.LocalSigner) *Processor

func (*Processor) Process

func (p *Processor) Process(envConfigUpdate *cb.Envelope) (*cb.Envelope, error)

Process takes in an envelope of type CONFIG_UPDATE and proceses it to transform it either into to a new channel creation request, or into a channel CONFIG transaction (or errors on failure)

type Support

type Support interface {
	// ProposeConfigUpdate applies a CONFIG_UPDATE to an existing config to produce a *cb.ConfigEnvelope
	ProposeConfigUpdate(env *cb.Envelope) (*cb.ConfigEnvelope, error)

Support enumerates a subset of the full channel support function which is required for this package

type SupportManager

type SupportManager interface {
	// GetChain gets the chain support for a given ChannelId
	GetChain(chainID string) (Support, bool)

	// NewChannelConfig returns a bare bones configuration ready for channel
	// creation request to be applied on top of it
	NewChannelConfig(envConfigUpdate *cb.Envelope) (configtxapi.Manager, error)

SupportManager provides a way for the Handler to look up the Support for a chain

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