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var Detectors = []*detect.Detector{
		Type: "wordpress",
		File: []string{"wp-config.php", "wp-config-sample.php"},
		Type: "php",
		File: []string{"*.php", "composer.json"},

Detectors is the list of detectors that trigger this app to be used.

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var Meta = &app.Meta{
	Tuples:    Tuples,
	Detectors: Detectors,

Meta is the metadata for this app type

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var Tuples = app.TupleSlice([]app.Tuple{
	{"php", "*", "*"},
	{"wordpress", "*", "*"},

Tuples is the list of tuples that this built-in app implementation knows that it can support.


func AppFactory added in v0.2.0

func AppFactory() app.App

AppFactory is the factory for this app


type App

type App struct{}

App is an implementation of app.App

func (*App) Build

func (a *App) Build(ctx *app.Context) error

func (*App) Compile

func (a *App) Compile(ctx *app.Context) (*app.CompileResult, error)

func (*App) Deploy

func (a *App) Deploy(ctx *app.Context) error

func (*App) Dev

func (a *App) Dev(ctx *app.Context) error

func (*App) DevDep

func (a *App) DevDep(dst, src *app.Context) (*app.DevDep, error)

func (*App) Implicit added in v0.2.0

func (a *App) Implicit(ctx *app.Context) (*appfile.File, error)

func (*App) Meta added in v0.2.0

func (a *App) Meta() (*app.Meta, error)

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