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Go package to calculate the Levenshtein Distance

The library is fully capable of working with non-ascii strings. But the strings are not normalized. That is left as a user-dependant use case. Please normalize the strings before passing it to the library if you have such a requirement.


As a performance optimization, the library can handle strings only up to 65536 characters (runes). If you need to handle strings larger than that, please pin to version 1.0.3.


go get github.com/agnivade/levenshtein


package main

import (

func main() {
	s1 := "kitten"
	s2 := "sitting"
	distance := levenshtein.ComputeDistance(s1, s2)
	fmt.Printf("The distance between %s and %s is %d.\n", s1, s2, distance)
	// Output:
	// The distance between kitten and sitting is 3.


name              time/op
Simple/ASCII-4     330ns ± 2%
Simple/French-4    617ns ± 2%
Simple/Nordic-4   1.16µs ± 4%
Simple/Tibetan-4  1.05µs ± 1%

name              alloc/op
Simple/ASCII-4     96.0B ± 0%
Simple/French-4     128B ± 0%
Simple/Nordic-4     192B ± 0%
Simple/Tibetan-4    144B ± 0%

name              allocs/op
Simple/ASCII-4      1.00 ± 0%
Simple/French-4     1.00 ± 0%
Simple/Nordic-4     1.00 ± 0%
Simple/Tibetan-4    1.00 ± 0%

Comparisons with other libraries

name                     time/op
Leven/ASCII/agniva-4      353ns ± 1%
Leven/ASCII/arbovm-4      485ns ± 1%
Leven/ASCII/dgryski-4     395ns ± 0%
Leven/French/agniva-4     648ns ± 1%
Leven/French/arbovm-4     791ns ± 0%
Leven/French/dgryski-4    682ns ± 0%
Leven/Nordic/agniva-4    1.28µs ± 1%
Leven/Nordic/arbovm-4    1.52µs ± 1%
Leven/Nordic/dgryski-4   1.32µs ± 1%
Leven/Tibetan/agniva-4   1.12µs ± 1%
Leven/Tibetan/arbovm-4   1.31µs ± 0%
Leven/Tibetan/dgryski-4  1.16µs ± 0%



Package levenshtein is a Go implementation to calculate Levenshtein Distance.

Implementation taken from https://gist.github.com/andrei-m/982927#gistcomment-1931258



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func ComputeDistance

func ComputeDistance(a, b string) int

ComputeDistance computes the levenshtein distance between the two strings passed as an argument. The return value is the levenshtein distance

Works on runes (Unicode code points) but does not normalize the input strings. See https://blog.golang.org/normalization and the golang.org/x/text/unicode/norm package.


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