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var (
	// ErrDeadlineExceeded indicates the operation exceeded its deadline for execution
	ErrDeadlineExceeded = errors.New(errors.CodeTimeout, "Deadline exceeded")
	// ErrParallelismReached indicates this workflow reached its parallelism limit
	ErrParallelismReached = errors.New(errors.CodeForbidden, "Max parallelism reached")
	// ErrTimeout indicates a specific template timed out
	ErrTimeout = errors.New(errors.CodeTimeout, "timeout")


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type RetryTweak

type RetryTweak = func(retryStrategy wfv1.RetryStrategy, nodes wfv1.Nodes, tmpl *wfv1.Template)

RetryTweak is a 2nd order function interface for tweaking the retry

func RetryOnDifferentHost

func RetryOnDifferentHost(retryNodeName string) RetryTweak

RetryOnDifferentHost append affinity with fail host to template

type TaskResults

type TaskResults struct {
	Succeeded    bool `json:"Succeeded"`
	Failed       bool `json:"Failed"`
	Errored      bool `json:"Errored"`
	Skipped      bool `json:"Skipped"`
	Daemoned     bool `json:"Daemoned"`
	AnySucceeded bool `json:"AnySucceeded"`
	AllFailed    bool `json:"AllFailed"`

type WorkflowController

type WorkflowController struct {

	// Config is the workflow controller's configuration
	Config config.Config
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkflowController is the controller for workflow resources

func NewWorkflowController

func NewWorkflowController(ctx context.Context, restConfig *rest.Config, kubeclientset kubernetes.Interface, wfclientset wfclientset.Interface, namespace, managedNamespace, executorImage, executorImagePullPolicy, containerRuntimeExecutor, configMap string) (*WorkflowController, error)

NewWorkflowController instantiates a new WorkflowController

func (*WorkflowController) GetContainerRuntimeExecutor

func (wfc *WorkflowController) GetContainerRuntimeExecutor(labels labels.Labels) string

func (*WorkflowController) GetManagedNamespace

func (wfc *WorkflowController) GetManagedNamespace() string

func (*WorkflowController) Run

func (wfc *WorkflowController) Run(ctx context.Context, wfWorkers, workflowTTLWorkers, podWorkers, podCleanupWorkers int)

Run starts an Workflow resource controller

func (*WorkflowController) UpdateConfig

func (wfc *WorkflowController) UpdateConfig(ctx context.Context)


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