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func LoadGoPlugins

func LoadGoPlugins(ctx context.Context, filePaths ...string) (err error)

LoadGoPlugins reads the value of the environment variable CSI_GOPLUGINS, a CSV with each element being the absolute path to a shared object file -- a Go plug-in.


type MutexWithTryLock

type MutexWithTryLock interface {
	// Lock locks the mutex.
	// Unlock unlocks the mutex.
	// TryLock attempts to obtain a lock but times out if no lock
	// can be obtained in the specified duration. A flag is returned
	// indicating whether or not the lock was obtained.
	TryLock(timeout time.Duration) bool

MutexWithTryLock is a lock object that implements the semantics of a sync.Mutex in addition to a TryLock function.

func NewMutexWithTryLock

func NewMutexWithTryLock() MutexWithTryLock

NewMutexWithTryLock returns a new mutex that implements TryLock.

type PipeConn

type PipeConn interface {

	// DialGrpc is used by a grpc client.
	DialGrpc(raddr string, timeout time.Duration) (net.Conn, error)

	// DialHTTP16 is used by <=Go 1.6 net.http clients.
	DialHTTP16(network, addr string) (net.Conn, error)

	// DialHTTP17 is used by >=Go 1.7 net.http clients.
	DialHTTP17(ctx context.Context, network, addr string) (net.Conn, error)

PipeConn is an in-memory network connection that can be provided to a Serve function as a net.Listener and to gRPC/net.http clients as their dialer.

func NewPipeConn

func NewPipeConn(name string) PipeConn

NewPipeConn returns a new pipe connection. The provided name is returned by PipeConn.Addr().String().

type ServiceProvider

type ServiceProvider interface {

	// Serve accepts incoming connections on the listener lis, creating
	// a new ServerTransport and service goroutine for each. The service
	// goroutine read gRPC requests and then call the registered handlers
	// to reply to them. Serve returns when lis.Accept fails with fatal
	// errors.  lis will be closed when this method returns.
	// Serve always returns non-nil error.
	Serve(ctx context.Context, lis net.Listener) error

	// Stop stops the gRPC server. It immediately closes all open
	// connections and listeners.
	// It cancels all active RPCs on the server side and the corresponding
	// pending RPCs on the client side will get notified by connection
	// errors.
	Stop(ctx context.Context)

	// GracefulStop stops the gRPC server gracefully. It stops the server
	// from accepting new connections and RPCs and blocks until all the
	// pending RPCs are finished.
	GracefulStop(ctx context.Context)

ServiceProvider is a gRPC endpoint that provides the CSI services: Controller, Identity, Node.


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