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SteamCondenserGo will try and implement all the features steam-condenser has.

Original Link:

What is the goal of this project?

I'm learning Go Lang and need a suitable test project.

Can you add XXX?

I might, create a ticket.

What is working?

As of right now, only querying Source Servers (Which GoldSrc now uses)

What is your motivation for this?

I have another project that needs to query and cache many game servers. Go Lang just seemed like the best language to do it in.

All of the packet formatting was found over at the offical Valve developer wiki:


This is released under BSD - have fun!




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type GoldServer

type GoldServer server

func (GoldServer) GetInfo

func (model GoldServer) GetInfo() (GoldServerResponse, error)

GetInfo queries a GoldServer and returns either a response or an error.

type GoldServerResponse

type GoldServerResponse struct {
	Header      byte
	Protocol    byte
	Hostname    string
	Map         string
	Folder      string
	AppId       int64
	Game        string
	NumPlayers  byte
	MaxPlayers  byte
	Bots        byte
	ServerType  byte
	Environment byte
	Visibility  byte
	Vac         byte

GoldServerResponse implements the A2S_INFO query result.

func (GoldServerResponse) PrintDebug

func (self GoldServerResponse) PrintDebug()

PrintDebug prints the fields of a serverResponse into the console.

type MinecraftServer

type MinecraftServer server

func (MinecraftServer) GetInfo

func (self MinecraftServer) GetInfo() (Response, error)

type Response

type Response struct {
	Name       string
	Map        string
	Game       string
	Players    int
	MaxPlayers int
	Bots       int
	ServerType int
	Secured    bool

func QueryGoldServer

func QueryGoldServer(address string) (Response, error)

QueryGoldServer takes a server address and returns either a response or an error.


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