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const VERSION = "0.9.7"


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var (
	GitCommit string
	BuildTime string


func ParseOptions

func ParseOptions() error


type Options

type Options struct {
	Version      bool   `short:"v" long:"version" description:"Print version"`
	Debug        bool   `short:"d" long:"debug" description:"Enable debugging mode" default:"false"`
	Url          string `long:"url" description:"Database connection string"`
	Host         string `long:"host" description:"Server hostname or IP"`
	Port         int    `long:"port" description:"Server port" default:"5432"`
	User         string `long:"user" description:"Database user"`
	Pass         string `long:"pass" description:"Password for user"`
	DbName       string `long:"db" description:"Database name"`
	Ssl          string `long:"ssl" description:"SSL option"`
	HttpHost     string `long:"bind" description:"HTTP server host" default:"localhost"`
	HttpPort     uint   `long:"listen" description:"HTTP server listen port" default:"8081"`
	AuthUser     string `long:"auth-user" description:"HTTP basic auth user"`
	AuthPass     string `long:"auth-pass" description:"HTTP basic auth password"`
	SkipOpen     bool   `short:"s" long:"skip-open" description:"Skip browser open on start"`
	Sessions     bool   `long:"sessions" description:"Enable multiple database sessions" default:"false"`
	Prefix       string `long:"prefix" description:"Add a url prefix"`
	ReadOnly     bool   `long:"readonly" description:"Run database connection in readonly mode"`
	LockSession  bool   `long:"lock-session" description:"Lock session to a single database connection" default:"false"`
	Bookmark     string `` /* 144-byte string literal not displayed */
	BookmarksDir string `long:"bookmarks-dir" description:"Overrides default directory for bookmark files to search" default:""`
var Opts Options

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