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const (
	RSAKey     = "rsa"
	Ed25519Key = "ed25519"

	DefaultRSALen = 2048
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const (
	DefaultNameValidTime = 24 * time.Hour


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var Block blockOpts
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var Dag dagOpts
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var Key keyOpts
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var Name nameOpts
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var Object objectOpts
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var Pin pinOpts


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type BlockPutOption

type BlockPutOption func(*BlockPutSettings) error

type BlockPutSettings

type BlockPutSettings struct {
	Codec    string
	MhType   uint64
	MhLength int

func BlockPutOptions

func BlockPutOptions(opts ...BlockPutOption) (*BlockPutSettings, error)

type BlockRmOption

type BlockRmOption func(*BlockRmSettings) error

type BlockRmSettings

type BlockRmSettings struct {
	Force bool

func BlockRmOptions

func BlockRmOptions(opts ...BlockRmOption) (*BlockRmSettings, error)

type DagPutOption

type DagPutOption func(*DagPutSettings) error

type DagPutSettings

type DagPutSettings struct {
	InputEnc string
	Codec    uint64
	MhType   uint64
	MhLength int

func DagPutOptions

func DagPutOptions(opts ...DagPutOption) (*DagPutSettings, error)

type DagTreeOption

type DagTreeOption func(*DagTreeSettings) error

type DagTreeSettings

type DagTreeSettings struct {
	Depth int

func DagTreeOptions

func DagTreeOptions(opts ...DagTreeOption) (*DagTreeSettings, error)

type KeyGenerateOption

type KeyGenerateOption func(*KeyGenerateSettings) error

type KeyGenerateSettings

type KeyGenerateSettings struct {
	Algorithm string
	Size      int

func KeyGenerateOptions

func KeyGenerateOptions(opts ...KeyGenerateOption) (*KeyGenerateSettings, error)

type KeyRenameOption

type KeyRenameOption func(*KeyRenameSettings) error

type KeyRenameSettings

type KeyRenameSettings struct {
	Force bool

func KeyRenameOptions

func KeyRenameOptions(opts ...KeyRenameOption) (*KeyRenameSettings, error)

type NamePublishOption

type NamePublishOption func(*NamePublishSettings) error

type NamePublishSettings

type NamePublishSettings struct {
	ValidTime time.Duration
	Key       string

func NamePublishOptions

func NamePublishOptions(opts ...NamePublishOption) (*NamePublishSettings, error)

type NameResolveOption

type NameResolveOption func(*NameResolveSettings) error

type NameResolveSettings

type NameResolveSettings struct {
	Recursive bool
	Local     bool
	Cache     bool

func NameResolveOptions

func NameResolveOptions(opts ...NameResolveOption) (*NameResolveSettings, error)

type ObjectAddLinkOption

type ObjectAddLinkOption func(*ObjectAddLinkSettings) error

type ObjectAddLinkSettings

type ObjectAddLinkSettings struct {
	Create bool

func ObjectAddLinkOptions

func ObjectAddLinkOptions(opts ...ObjectAddLinkOption) (*ObjectAddLinkSettings, error)

type ObjectNewOption

type ObjectNewOption func(*ObjectNewSettings) error

type ObjectNewSettings

type ObjectNewSettings struct {
	Type string

func ObjectNewOptions

func ObjectNewOptions(opts ...ObjectNewOption) (*ObjectNewSettings, error)

type ObjectPutOption

type ObjectPutOption func(*ObjectPutSettings) error

type ObjectPutSettings

type ObjectPutSettings struct {
	InputEnc string
	DataType string

func ObjectPutOptions

func ObjectPutOptions(opts ...ObjectPutOption) (*ObjectPutSettings, error)

type PinAddOption

type PinAddOption func(*PinAddSettings) error

type PinAddSettings

type PinAddSettings struct {
	Recursive bool

func PinAddOptions

func PinAddOptions(opts ...PinAddOption) (*PinAddSettings, error)

type PinLsOption

type PinLsOption func(settings *PinLsSettings) error

type PinLsSettings

type PinLsSettings struct {
	Type string

func PinLsOptions

func PinLsOptions(opts ...PinLsOption) (*PinLsSettings, error)

type PinUpdateOption

type PinUpdateOption func(*PinUpdateSettings) error

type PinUpdateSettings

type PinUpdateSettings struct {
	Unpin bool

func PinUpdateOptions

func PinUpdateOptions(opts ...PinUpdateOption) (*PinUpdateSettings, error)

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