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API wrapper for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds using the API from

Getting Started

1. Install the package

Install the package and import it

go get
2. Obtain API Key

Create an account at and request an API Key.


client, err := pubg.New("YOURAPIKEYHERE")
if err != nil {
info, err := client.GetPlayer("JohnDoe") // Returns JSON unfiltered for player "JohnDoe"
if err != nil {
fmt.Printf("%+v\n", info)

steaminfo, err := client.GetSteamInfo("76561198396852397") // Returns Steam information for user based on SteamId
if err != nil {
fmt.Printf("%+v\n", steaminfo)


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type API

type API struct {
	APIKey  string
	BaseURL *url.URL

API holds configuration variables for accessing the API.

func New

func New(key string) (*API, error)

New creates a new API client.

func (*API) Do

func (a *API) Do(req *http.Request, i interface{}) error

Do sends out a request to the API and unmarshals the data.

func (*API) GetPlayer

func (a *API) GetPlayer(uname string) (*Player, error)

GetPlayer returns a player's stats.

func (*API) GetSteamInfo

func (a *API) GetSteamInfo(sid string) (*SteamInfo, error)

GetSteamInfo retrieves a player's steam information.

func (*API) NewRequest

func (a *API) NewRequest(endpoint string) (*http.Request, error)

NewRequest creates the GET request to access the API.

type Player

type Player struct {
	PlatformID     int       `json:"platformId"`
	AccountID      string    `json:"AccountId"`
	Avatar         string    `json:"Avatar"`
	SelectedRegion string    `json:"selectedRegion"`
	DefaultSeason  string    `json:"defaultSeason"`
	SeasonDisplay  string    `json:"seasonDisplay"`
	LastUpdated    time.Time `json:"LastUpdated"`
	LiveTracking   []struct {
		Match        int         `json:"Match"`
		MatchDisplay string      `json:"MatchDisplay"`
		Season       int         `json:"Season"`
		RegionID     int         `json:"RegionId"`
		Region       string      `json:"Region"`
		Date         string      `json:"Date"`
		Delta        float64     `json:"Delta"`
		Value        float64     `json:"Value"`
		Message      interface{} `json:"message"`
	} `json:"LiveTracking"`
	PlayerName    string `json:"PlayerName"`
	PubgTrackerID int    `json:"PubgTrackerId"`
	Stats         []struct {
		Region string `json:"Region"`
		Season string `json:"Season"`
		Match  string `json:"Match"`
		Stats  []struct {
			Partition    interface{} `json:"partition"`
			Label        string      `json:"label"`
			SubLabel     interface{} `json:"subLabel"`
			Field        string      `json:"field"`
			Category     string      `json:"category"`
			ValueInt     interface{} `json:"ValueInt"`
			ValueDec     float64     `json:"ValueDec"`
			Value        string      `json:"value"`
			Rank         interface{} `json:"rank"`
			Percentile   float64     `json:"percentile"`
			DisplayValue string      `json:"displayValue"`
		} `json:"Stats"`
	} `json:"Stats"`
	MatchHistory []struct {
		Id                   int     `json:"Id"`
		Updated              string  `json:"Updated"`
		UpdatedJS            string  `json:"UpdatedJS"`
		Season               int     `json:"Season"`
		SeasonDisplay        string  `json:"SeasonDisplay"`
		Match                int     `json:"Match"`
		MatchDisplay         string  `json:"MatchDisplay"`
		Region               int     `json:"Region"`
		RegionDisplay        string  `json:"RegionDisplay"`
		Rounds               int     `json:"Rounds"`
		Wins                 int     `json:"Wins"`
		Kills                int     `json:"Kills"`
		Assists              int     `json:"Assists"`
		Top10                int     `json:"Top10"`
		Rating               float64 `json:"Rating"`
		RatingChange         float64 `json:"RatingChange"`
		RatingRank           int     `json:"RatingRank"`
		RatingRankChange     int     `json:"RatingRankChange"`
		Kd                   float64 `json:"Kd"`
		Damage               int     `json:"Damage"`
		TimeSurvived         float64 `json:"TimeSurvived"`
		WinRating            int     `json:"WinRating"`
		WinRank              int     `json:"WinRank"`
		WinRatingChange      int     `json:"WinRatingChange"`
		WinRatingRankChange  int     `json:"WinRatingRankChange"`
		KillRating           int     `json:"KillRating"`
		KillRank             int     `json:"KillRank"`
		KillRatingChange     int     `json:"KillRatingChange"`
		KillRatingRankChange int     `json:"KillRatingRankChange"`
		MoveDistance         float64 `json:"MoveDistance"`
	} `json:"MatchHistory"`

Player holds the information returned from the API.

type SteamInfo

type SteamInfo struct {
	AccountID   string `json:"AccountId"`
	Nickname    string `json:"Nickname"`
	AvatarURL   string `json:"AvatarUrl"`
	SteamID     string `json:"SteamId"`
	SteamName   string `json:"SteamName"`
	State       string `json:"State"`
	InviteAllow string `json:"InviteAllow"`

SteamInfo holds information returned from GetSteamInfo.

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