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type TaskDB

type TaskDB struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TaskDB is a Zookeeper implementation of the task database.

func NewTaskDB

func NewTaskDB(zk string) (*TaskDB, error)

NewTaskDB returns a new instance of a Zookeeper TaskDB.

func (*TaskDB) Clean

func (z *TaskDB) Clean() error

Clean removes all tasks from the database.

func (*TaskDB) Close

func (z *TaskDB) Close()

Close closes the connection to the database.

func (*TaskDB) DeleteTask added in v0.27.0

func (z *TaskDB) DeleteTask(id string) error

func (*TaskDB) ListNonTerminalTasks

func (z *TaskDB) ListNonTerminalTasks() ([]*eremetic.Task, error)

ListNonTerminalTasks returns all non-terminal tasks.

func (*TaskDB) PutTask

func (z *TaskDB) PutTask(task *eremetic.Task) error

PutTask adds a new task to the database.

func (*TaskDB) ReadTask

func (z *TaskDB) ReadTask(id string) (eremetic.Task, error)

ReadTask returns a task with a given id, or an error if not found.

func (*TaskDB) ReadUnmaskedTask

func (z *TaskDB) ReadUnmaskedTask(id string) (eremetic.Task, error)

ReadUnmaskedTask returns a task with all its environment variables unmasked.

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