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Published: Sep 6, 2018 License: MIT, MIT Imports: 24 Imported by: 0



Package staticcheck contains a linter for Go source code.



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const (
	MsgInvalidHostPort = "invalid port or service name in host:port pair"
	MsgInvalidUTF8     = "argument is not a valid UTF-8 encoded string"
	MsgNonUniqueCutset = "cutset contains duplicate characters"


This section is empty.


func CanBinaryMarshal

func CanBinaryMarshal(j *lint.Job, v Value) bool

func ConvertedFrom

func ConvertedFrom(v Value, typ string) bool

ConvertedFrom reports whether value v was converted from type typ.

func ConvertedFromInt

func ConvertedFromInt(v Value) bool

func IntValue

func IntValue(v Value, z vrp.Z) bool

func InvalidUTF8

func InvalidUTF8(v Value) bool

func Pointer

func Pointer(v Value) bool

func UnbufferedChannel

func UnbufferedChannel(v Value) bool

func UniqueStringCutset

func UniqueStringCutset(v Value) bool

func ValidHostPort

func ValidHostPort(v Value) bool

func ValidateRegexp

func ValidateRegexp(v Value) error

func ValidateTimeLayout

func ValidateTimeLayout(v Value) error

func ValidateURL

func ValidateURL(v Value) error


type Argument

type Argument struct {
	Value Value
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Argument) Invalid

func (arg *Argument) Invalid(msg string)

type Call

type Call struct {
	Job   *lint.Job
	Instr ssa.CallInstruction
	Args  []*Argument

	Checker *Checker
	Parent  *ssa.Function
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Call) Invalid

func (c *Call) Invalid(msg string)

type CallCheck

type CallCheck func(call *Call)

func RepeatZeroTimes

func RepeatZeroTimes(name string, arg int) CallCheck

type Checker

type Checker struct {
	CheckGenerated bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewChecker

func NewChecker() *Checker

func (*Checker) CheckArgOverwritten

func (c *Checker) CheckArgOverwritten(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckBenchmarkN

func (c *Checker) CheckBenchmarkN(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckCanonicalHeaderKey

func (c *Checker) CheckCanonicalHeaderKey(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckConcurrentTesting

func (c *Checker) CheckConcurrentTesting(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckCyclicFinalizer

func (c *Checker) CheckCyclicFinalizer(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckDeferInInfiniteLoop

func (c *Checker) CheckDeferInInfiniteLoop(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckDeferLock

func (c *Checker) CheckDeferLock(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckDeprecated

func (c *Checker) CheckDeprecated(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckDiffSizeComparison

func (c *Checker) CheckDiffSizeComparison(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckDoubleNegation

func (c *Checker) CheckDoubleNegation(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckDubiousDeferInChannelRangeLoop

func (c *Checker) CheckDubiousDeferInChannelRangeLoop(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckDuplicateBuildConstraints

func (c *Checker) CheckDuplicateBuildConstraints(job *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckEarlyDefer

func (c *Checker) CheckEarlyDefer(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckEmptyBranch

func (c *Checker) CheckEmptyBranch(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckEmptyCriticalSection

func (c *Checker) CheckEmptyCriticalSection(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckExec

func (c *Checker) CheckExec(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckIneffectiveAppend

func (c *Checker) CheckIneffectiveAppend(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckIneffectiveCopy

func (c *Checker) CheckIneffectiveCopy(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckIneffectiveFieldAssignments

func (c *Checker) CheckIneffectiveFieldAssignments(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckIneffectiveLoop

func (c *Checker) CheckIneffectiveLoop(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckInfiniteEmptyLoop

func (c *Checker) CheckInfiniteEmptyLoop(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckInfiniteRecursion

func (c *Checker) CheckInfiniteRecursion(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckLeakyTimeTick

func (c *Checker) CheckLeakyTimeTick(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckLhsRhsIdentical

func (c *Checker) CheckLhsRhsIdentical(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckLoopCondition

func (c *Checker) CheckLoopCondition(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckLoopEmptyDefault

func (c *Checker) CheckLoopEmptyDefault(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckMapBytesKey

func (c *Checker) CheckMapBytesKey(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckNaNComparison

func (c *Checker) CheckNaNComparison(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckNilContext

func (c *Checker) CheckNilContext(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckNilMaps

func (c *Checker) CheckNilMaps(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckNonOctalFileMode

func (c *Checker) CheckNonOctalFileMode(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckPredeterminedBooleanExprs

func (c *Checker) CheckPredeterminedBooleanExprs(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckPureFunctions

func (c *Checker) CheckPureFunctions(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckRangeStringRunes

func (c *Checker) CheckRangeStringRunes(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckRepeatedIfElse

func (c *Checker) CheckRepeatedIfElse(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckScopedBreak

func (c *Checker) CheckScopedBreak(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckSeeker

func (c *Checker) CheckSeeker(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckSelfAssignment

func (c *Checker) CheckSelfAssignment(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckSillyBitwiseOps

func (c *Checker) CheckSillyBitwiseOps(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckSliceOutOfBounds

func (c *Checker) CheckSliceOutOfBounds(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckTemplate

func (c *Checker) CheckTemplate(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckTestMainExit

func (c *Checker) CheckTestMainExit(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckTimeSleepConstant

func (c *Checker) CheckTimeSleepConstant(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckUnreadVariableValues

func (c *Checker) CheckUnreadVariableValues(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckUnsafePrintf

func (c *Checker) CheckUnsafePrintf(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckUnsignedComparison

func (c *Checker) CheckUnsignedComparison(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckUntrappableSignal

func (c *Checker) CheckUntrappableSignal(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckWaitgroupAdd

func (c *Checker) CheckWaitgroupAdd(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) CheckWriterBufferModified

func (c *Checker) CheckWriterBufferModified(j *lint.Job)

func (*Checker) Funcs

func (c *Checker) Funcs() map[string]lint.Func

func (*Checker) Init

func (c *Checker) Init(prog *lint.Program)

func (*Checker) Name

func (*Checker) Name() string

func (*Checker) Prefix

func (*Checker) Prefix() string

type Value

type Value struct {
	Value ssa.Value
	Range vrp.Range


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