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func CatalogCommand

func CatalogCommand() cli.Command

func ConfigCommand

func ConfigCommand() cli.Command

func DockerCommand

func DockerCommand() cli.Command

func EnvCommand

func EnvCommand() cli.Command

func EventsCommand

func EventsCommand() cli.Command

func ExecCommand

func ExecCommand() cli.Command

func ExportCommand

func ExportCommand() cli.Command

func FormatEndpoint

func FormatEndpoint(data interface{}) string

func FormatIPAddresses

func FormatIPAddresses(data interface{}) string

func FormatJSON

func FormatJSON(data interface{}) (string, error)

func GetCatalogClient

func GetCatalogClient(ctx *cli.Context) (*catalog.RancherClient, error)

func GetClient

func GetClient(ctx *cli.Context) (*client.RancherClient, error)

func GetEnvironment

func GetEnvironment(def string, c *client.RancherClient) (*client.Project, error)

func GetOrCreateDefaultStack

func GetOrCreateDefaultStack(c *client.RancherClient, name string) (*client.Stack, error)

func GetRawClient

func GetRawClient(ctx *cli.Context) (*client.RancherClient, error)

func GetStackMap

func GetStackMap(c *client.RancherClient) map[string]client.Stack

func HostCommand

func HostCommand() cli.Command

func InspectCommand added in v0.1.0

func InspectCommand() cli.Command

func LogsCommand

func LogsCommand() cli.Command

func Lookup

func Lookup(c *client.RancherClient, name string, types ...string) (*client.Resource, error)

func LookupEnvironment

func LookupEnvironment(c *client.RancherClient, name string) (*client.Project, error)

func ParseName

func ParseName(c *client.RancherClient, name string) (*client.Stack, string, error)

func PsCommand

func PsCommand() cli.Command

func RandomName

func RandomName() string

func RestartCommand

func RestartCommand() cli.Command

func RmCommand

func RmCommand() cli.Command

func RunCommand

func RunCommand() cli.Command

func SSHCommand

func SSHCommand() cli.Command

func ScaleCommand

func ScaleCommand() cli.Command

func SecretCommand added in v0.5.0

func SecretCommand() cli.Command

func SimpleFormat

func SimpleFormat(values [][]string) (string, string)

func StackCommand

func StackCommand() cli.Command

func StartCommand

func StartCommand() cli.Command

func StopCommand

func StopCommand() cli.Command

func UpCommand

func UpCommand() cli.Command

func VolumeCommand

func VolumeCommand() cli.Command

func WaitCommand

func WaitCommand() cli.Command

func WaitFor

func WaitFor(ctx *cli.Context, resource string) error


type CatalogData

type CatalogData struct {
	ID       string
	Template catalog.Template
	Category string

type Config

type Config struct {
	AccessKey   string `json:"accessKey"`
	SecretKey   string `json:"secretKey"`
	URL         string `json:"url"`
	Environment string `json:"environment"`
	Path        string `json:"path,omitempty"`

func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig(path string) (Config, error)

func (Config) EnvironmentURL

func (c Config) EnvironmentURL() (string, error)

func (Config) Write

func (c Config) Write() error

type ContainerPsData

type ContainerPsData struct {
	ID            string
	Container     client.Container
	CombinedState string
	DockerID      string

type EnvData

type EnvData struct {
	ID          string
	Environment *client.Project

func NewEnvData

func NewEnvData(project client.Project) *EnvData

type HostsData

type HostsData struct {
	ID             string
	Host           client.Host
	State          string
	ContainerCount int
	Labels         string

type PsData

type PsData struct {
	Service       client.Service
	Name          string
	LaunchConfig  interface{}
	Stack         client.Stack
	CombinedState string
	ID            string

type ResourceID

type ResourceID string

func NewResourceID

func NewResourceID(resourceType, id string) ResourceID

func (ResourceID) ID

func (r ResourceID) ID() string

func (ResourceID) Type

func (r ResourceID) Type() string

type SecretData added in v0.5.0

type SecretData struct {
	ID     string
	Secret client.Secret

type StackData

type StackData struct {
	ID           string
	Catalog      string
	Stack        client.Stack
	State        string
	ServiceCount int

type TableWriter

type TableWriter struct {
	HeaderFormat string
	ValueFormat  string

	Writer *tabwriter.Writer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTableWriter

func NewTableWriter(values [][]string, ctx *cli.Context) *TableWriter

func (*TableWriter) Close

func (t *TableWriter) Close() error

func (*TableWriter) Err

func (t *TableWriter) Err() error

func (*TableWriter) Write

func (t *TableWriter) Write(obj interface{})

type TemplateData added in v0.4.0

type TemplateData struct {
	ID              string
	ProjectTemplate *client.ProjectTemplate

type VolumeData

type VolumeData struct {
	ID     string
	Volume client.Volume

type Waiter

type Waiter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWaiter

func NewWaiter(ctx *cli.Context) (*Waiter, error)

func (*Waiter) Add

func (w *Waiter) Add(resources ...string) *Waiter

func (*Waiter) Wait

func (w *Waiter) Wait() error

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