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func Exists

func Exists(i Instance) bool

func Move

func Move(from, to Instance) (err error)

Move instance content, deleting the source if it succeeds.

func ReadSeeker

func ReadSeeker(r Instance) io.ReadSeeker

Creates a io.ReadSeeker to an Instance.


type HTTPProvider

type HTTPProvider struct {
	Client *http.Client

Provides access to resources through a http.Client.

func (*HTTPProvider) NewInstance

func (me *HTTPProvider) NewInstance(urlStr string) (r Instance, err error)

type Instance

type Instance interface {
	Get() (io.ReadCloser, error)
	Put(io.Reader) error
	Stat() (os.FileInfo, error)
	ReadAt([]byte, int64) (int, error)
	WriteAt([]byte, int64) (int, error)
	Delete() error

An Instance represents the content at some location accessed through some Provider. It's the data at some URL.

type OSFileProvider

type OSFileProvider struct{}

Provides access to resources through the native OS filesystem.

func (OSFileProvider) NewInstance

func (me OSFileProvider) NewInstance(filePath string) (r Instance, err error)

type Provider

type Provider interface {
	NewInstance(string) (Instance, error)

type TranslatedProvider

type TranslatedProvider struct {
	// The underlying Provider.
	BaseProvider Provider
	// Some location used in calculating final locations.
	BaseLocation string
	// Function that takes BaseLocation, and the caller location and returns
	// the location to be used with the BaseProvider.
	JoinLocations func(base, rel string) string

TranslatedProvider manipulates resource locations, so as to allow sandboxing, or relative paths for example.

func (TranslatedProvider) NewInstance

func (me TranslatedProvider) NewInstance(rel string) (Instance, error)

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