Package node implements functionality to build the kind node image



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    const BuildContainerLabelKey = ""

      BuildContainerLabelKey is applied to each build container

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      const DefaultBaseImage = "kindest/base:v20181203-d055041"

        DefaultBaseImage is the default base image used

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        const DefaultImage = "kindest/node:latest"

          DefaultImage is the default name:tag for the built image

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          const DefaultMode = "docker"

            DefaultMode is the default kubernetes build mode for the built image see pkg/build/kube.Bits

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            const DockerImageArchives = "/kind/images"

              DockerImageArchives is the path within the node image where image archives will be stored.


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              type BuildContext

              type BuildContext struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                BuildContext is used to build the kind node image, and contains build configuration

                func NewBuildContext

                func NewBuildContext(options ...Option) (ctx *BuildContext, err error)

                  NewBuildContext creates a new BuildContext with default configuration, overridden by the options supplied in the order that they are supplied

                  func (*BuildContext) Build

                  func (c *BuildContext) Build() (err error)

                    Build builds the cluster node image, the sourcedir must be set on the BuildContext

                    type Option

                    type Option func(*BuildContext)

                      Option is BuildContext configuration option supplied to NewBuildContext

                      func WithBaseImage

                      func WithBaseImage(image string) Option

                        WithBaseImage configures a NewBuildContext to use `image` as the base image

                        func WithImage

                        func WithImage(image string) Option

                          WithImage configures a NewBuildContext to tag the built image with `image`

                          func WithKuberoot

                          func WithKuberoot(root string) Option

                            WithKuberoot sets the path to the Kubernetes source directory (if empty, the path will be autodetected)

                            func WithMode

                            func WithMode(mode string) Option

                              WithMode sets the kubernetes build mode for the build context

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