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Published: Jan 27, 2015 License: BSD-2-Clause Imports: 1 Imported by: 0


Rendered for js/wasm



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const Compiler = "gopherjs"
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const GOARCH = "js"
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const GOOS = theGoos


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var MemProfileRate int = 512 * 1024


func Breakpoint

func Breakpoint()

func Caller

func Caller(skip int) (pc uintptr, file string, line int, ok bool)

func GC

func GC()


func GOMAXPROCS(n int) int


func GOROOT() string

func Goexit

func Goexit()

func Gosched

func Gosched()

func LockOSThread

func LockOSThread()

func NumCPU

func NumCPU() int

func NumGoroutine

func NumGoroutine() int

func ReadMemStats

func ReadMemStats(m *MemStats)

func SetBlockProfileRate

func SetBlockProfileRate(rate int)

func SetFinalizer

func SetFinalizer(x, f interface{})

func Stack

func Stack(buf []byte, all bool) int

func UnlockOSThread

func UnlockOSThread()


type Func

type Func struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func FuncForPC

func FuncForPC(pc uintptr) *Func

func (*Func) Entry

func (_ *Func) Entry() uintptr

func (*Func) FileLine

func (_ *Func) FileLine(pc uintptr) (file string, line int)

func (*Func) Name

func (_ *Func) Name() string

type MemStats

type MemStats struct {
	// General statistics.
	Alloc      uint64 // bytes allocated and still in use
	TotalAlloc uint64 // bytes allocated (even if freed)
	Sys        uint64 // bytes obtained from system (sum of XxxSys below)
	Lookups    uint64 // number of pointer lookups
	Mallocs    uint64 // number of mallocs
	Frees      uint64 // number of frees

	// Main allocation heap statistics.
	HeapAlloc    uint64 // bytes allocated and still in use
	HeapSys      uint64 // bytes obtained from system
	HeapIdle     uint64 // bytes in idle spans
	HeapInuse    uint64 // bytes in non-idle span
	HeapReleased uint64 // bytes released to the OS
	HeapObjects  uint64 // total number of allocated objects

	// Low-level fixed-size structure allocator statistics.
	//	Inuse is bytes used now.
	//	Sys is bytes obtained from system.
	StackInuse  uint64 // bytes used by stack allocator
	StackSys    uint64
	MSpanInuse  uint64 // mspan structures
	MSpanSys    uint64
	MCacheInuse uint64 // mcache structures
	MCacheSys   uint64
	BuckHashSys uint64 // profiling bucket hash table
	GCSys       uint64 // GC metadata
	OtherSys    uint64 // other system allocations

	// Garbage collector statistics.
	NextGC       uint64 // next collection will happen when HeapAlloc ≥ this amount
	LastGC       uint64 // end time of last collection (nanoseconds since 1970)
	PauseTotalNs uint64
	PauseNs      [256]uint64 // circular buffer of recent GC pause durations, most recent at [(NumGC+255)%256]
	PauseEnd     [256]uint64 // circular buffer of recent GC pause end times
	NumGC        uint32
	EnableGC     bool
	DebugGC      bool

	// Per-size allocation statistics.
	// 61 is NumSizeClasses in the C code.
	BySize [61]struct {
		Size    uint32
		Mallocs uint64
		Frees   uint64

type NotSupportedError

type NotSupportedError struct {
	Feature string

func (*NotSupportedError) Error

func (err *NotSupportedError) Error() string


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