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func DisableFederation

func DisableFederation(cmdOut io.Writer, config *rest.Config, enableTypeDirective *enable.EnableTypeDirective,
	typeConfigName ctlutil.QualifiedName, deleteCRD, dryRun, verifyStopped bool) error

func JoinCluster

func JoinCluster(hostConfig, clusterConfig *rest.Config, federationNamespace, clusterNamespace,
	hostClusterName, joiningClusterName, secretName string, addToRegistry bool, Scope apiextv1b1.ResourceScope, dryRun, errorOnExisting bool) error

JoinCluster performs all the necessary steps to join a cluster to the federation provided the required set of parameters are passed in.

func NewCmdJoin

func NewCmdJoin(cmdOut io.Writer, config util.FedConfig) *cobra.Command

NewCmdJoin defines the `join` command that joins a cluster to a federation.

func NewCmdTypeDisable

func NewCmdTypeDisable(cmdOut io.Writer, config util.FedConfig) *cobra.Command

NewCmdTypeDisable defines the `disable` command that disables federation of a Kubernetes API type.

func NewCmdUnjoin

func NewCmdUnjoin(cmdOut io.Writer, config util.FedConfig) *cobra.Command

NewCmdUnjoin defines the `unjoin` command that unjoins a cluster from a federation.

func NewCmdVersion

func NewCmdVersion(out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

NewCmdVersion prints out the release version info for this command binary.

func NewKubeFedCtlCommand

func NewKubeFedCtlCommand(out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

NewKubeFedCtlCommand creates the `kubefedctl` command and its nested children.

func UnjoinCluster

func UnjoinCluster(hostConfig, clusterConfig *rest.Config, federationNamespace, clusterNamespace, hostClusterName, hostClusterContext,
	unjoiningClusterContext, unjoiningClusterName string, removeFromRegistry, forceDeletion, dryRun bool) error

UnjoinCluster performs all the necessary steps to unjoin a cluster from the federation provided the required set of parameters are passed in.


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