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func Route

func Route(router RouteOut) (string, string, quickfix.MessageRoute)

Route returns the beginstring, message type, and MessageRoute for this Message type


type CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest added in v0.4.0

type CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest struct {
	//ReceiveTime is the time that this message was read from the socket connection
	ReceiveTime time.Time

CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest is the fix50sp2 CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest type, MsgType = t

func FromMessage added in v0.4.0

FromMessage creates a CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest from a quickfix.Message instance

func New added in v0.2.0

func New(crossid field.CrossIDField, origcrossid field.OrigCrossIDField, crosstype field.CrossTypeField, crossprioritization field.CrossPrioritizationField, transacttime field.TransactTimeField, ordtype field.OrdTypeField) (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest)

New returns a CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest initialized with the required fields for CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetAttachmentPoint added in v0.4.0

GetAttachmentPoint gets AttachmentPoint, Tag 1457

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetBenchmarkCurveCurrency added in v0.4.0

GetBenchmarkCurveCurrency gets BenchmarkCurveCurrency, Tag 220

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetBenchmarkCurveName added in v0.4.0

GetBenchmarkCurveName gets BenchmarkCurveName, Tag 221

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetBenchmarkCurvePoint added in v0.4.0

GetBenchmarkCurvePoint gets BenchmarkCurvePoint, Tag 222

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetBenchmarkPrice added in v0.4.0

GetBenchmarkPrice gets BenchmarkPrice, Tag 662

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetBenchmarkPriceType added in v0.4.0

GetBenchmarkPriceType gets BenchmarkPriceType, Tag 663

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetBenchmarkSecurityID added in v0.4.0

GetBenchmarkSecurityID gets BenchmarkSecurityID, Tag 699

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetBenchmarkSecurityIDSource added in v0.4.0

GetBenchmarkSecurityIDSource gets BenchmarkSecurityIDSource, Tag 761

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCFICode added in v0.4.0

GetCFICode gets CFICode, Tag 461

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCPProgram added in v0.4.0

GetCPProgram gets CPProgram, Tag 875

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCPRegType added in v0.4.0

GetCPRegType gets CPRegType, Tag 876

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCancellationRights added in v0.4.0

GetCancellationRights gets CancellationRights, Tag 480

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCapPrice added in v0.4.0

GetCapPrice gets CapPrice, Tag 1199

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetComplianceID added in v0.4.0

GetComplianceID gets ComplianceID, Tag 376

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetContractMultiplier added in v0.4.0

GetContractMultiplier gets ContractMultiplier, Tag 231

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetContractMultiplierUnit added in v0.4.0

GetContractMultiplierUnit gets ContractMultiplierUnit, Tag 1435

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetContractSettlMonth added in v0.4.0

GetContractSettlMonth gets ContractSettlMonth, Tag 667

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCountryOfIssue added in v0.4.0

GetCountryOfIssue gets CountryOfIssue, Tag 470

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCouponPaymentDate added in v0.4.0

GetCouponPaymentDate gets CouponPaymentDate, Tag 224

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCouponRate added in v0.4.0

GetCouponRate gets CouponRate, Tag 223

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCreditRating added in v0.4.0

GetCreditRating gets CreditRating, Tag 255

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCrossID added in v0.4.0

GetCrossID gets CrossID, Tag 548

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCrossPrioritization added in v0.4.0

GetCrossPrioritization gets CrossPrioritization, Tag 550

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCrossType added in v0.4.0

GetCrossType gets CrossType, Tag 549

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetCurrency added in v0.4.0

GetCurrency gets Currency, Tag 15

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDatedDate added in v0.4.0

GetDatedDate gets DatedDate, Tag 873

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDesignation added in v0.4.0

GetDesignation gets Designation, Tag 494

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDetachmentPoint added in v0.4.0

GetDetachmentPoint gets DetachmentPoint, Tag 1458

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDiscretionInst added in v0.4.0

GetDiscretionInst gets DiscretionInst, Tag 388

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDiscretionLimitType added in v0.4.0

GetDiscretionLimitType gets DiscretionLimitType, Tag 843

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDiscretionMoveType added in v0.4.0

GetDiscretionMoveType gets DiscretionMoveType, Tag 841

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDiscretionOffsetType added in v0.4.0

GetDiscretionOffsetType gets DiscretionOffsetType, Tag 842

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDiscretionOffsetValue added in v0.4.0

GetDiscretionOffsetValue gets DiscretionOffsetValue, Tag 389

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDiscretionRoundDirection added in v0.4.0

GetDiscretionRoundDirection gets DiscretionRoundDirection, Tag 844

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDiscretionScope added in v0.4.0

GetDiscretionScope gets DiscretionScope, Tag 846

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDisplayHighQty added in v0.4.0

GetDisplayHighQty gets DisplayHighQty, Tag 1086

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDisplayLowQty added in v0.4.0

GetDisplayLowQty gets DisplayLowQty, Tag 1085

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDisplayMethod added in v0.4.0

GetDisplayMethod gets DisplayMethod, Tag 1084

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDisplayMinIncr added in v0.4.0

GetDisplayMinIncr gets DisplayMinIncr, Tag 1087

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDisplayQty added in v0.4.0

GetDisplayQty gets DisplayQty, Tag 1138

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetDisplayWhen added in v0.4.0

GetDisplayWhen gets DisplayWhen, Tag 1083

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetEffectiveTime added in v0.4.0

GetEffectiveTime gets EffectiveTime, Tag 168

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetEncodedIssuer added in v0.4.0

GetEncodedIssuer gets EncodedIssuer, Tag 349

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetEncodedIssuerLen added in v0.4.0

GetEncodedIssuerLen gets EncodedIssuerLen, Tag 348

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetEncodedSecurityDesc added in v0.4.0

GetEncodedSecurityDesc gets EncodedSecurityDesc, Tag 351

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetEncodedSecurityDescLen added in v0.4.0

GetEncodedSecurityDescLen gets EncodedSecurityDescLen, Tag 350

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetExDestination added in v0.4.0

GetExDestination gets ExDestination, Tag 100

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetExDestinationIDSource added in v0.4.0

GetExDestinationIDSource gets ExDestinationIDSource, Tag 1133

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetExecInst added in v0.4.0

GetExecInst gets ExecInst, Tag 18

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetExerciseStyle added in v0.4.0

GetExerciseStyle gets ExerciseStyle, Tag 1194

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetExpireDate added in v0.4.0

GetExpireDate gets ExpireDate, Tag 432

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetExpireTime added in v0.4.0

GetExpireTime gets ExpireTime, Tag 126

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetFactor added in v0.4.0

GetFactor gets Factor, Tag 228

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetFlexProductEligibilityIndicator added in v0.4.0

GetFlexProductEligibilityIndicator gets FlexProductEligibilityIndicator, Tag 1242

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetFlexibleIndicator added in v0.4.0

GetFlexibleIndicator gets FlexibleIndicator, Tag 1244

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetFloorPrice added in v0.4.0

GetFloorPrice gets FloorPrice, Tag 1200

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetFlowScheduleType added in v0.4.0

GetFlowScheduleType gets FlowScheduleType, Tag 1439

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetGTBookingInst added in v0.4.0

GetGTBookingInst gets GTBookingInst, Tag 427

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetHandlInst added in v0.4.0

GetHandlInst gets HandlInst, Tag 21

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetHostCrossID added in v0.4.0

GetHostCrossID gets HostCrossID, Tag 961

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetIOIID added in v0.4.0

GetIOIID gets IOIID, Tag 23

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetInstrRegistry added in v0.4.0

GetInstrRegistry gets InstrRegistry, Tag 543

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetInstrmtAssignmentMethod added in v0.4.0

GetInstrmtAssignmentMethod gets InstrmtAssignmentMethod, Tag 1049

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetInterestAccrualDate added in v0.4.0

GetInterestAccrualDate gets InterestAccrualDate, Tag 874

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetIssueDate added in v0.4.0

GetIssueDate gets IssueDate, Tag 225

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetIssuer added in v0.4.0

GetIssuer gets Issuer, Tag 106

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetListMethod added in v0.4.0

GetListMethod gets ListMethod, Tag 1198

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetLocaleOfIssue added in v0.4.0

GetLocaleOfIssue gets LocaleOfIssue, Tag 472

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetLocateReqd added in v0.4.0

GetLocateReqd gets LocateReqd, Tag 114

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMatchIncrement added in v0.4.0

GetMatchIncrement gets MatchIncrement, Tag 1089

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMaturityDate added in v0.4.0

GetMaturityDate gets MaturityDate, Tag 541

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMaturityMonthYear added in v0.4.0

GetMaturityMonthYear gets MaturityMonthYear, Tag 200

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMaturityTime added in v0.4.0

GetMaturityTime gets MaturityTime, Tag 1079

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMaxFloor added in v0.4.0

GetMaxFloor gets MaxFloor, Tag 111

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMaxPriceLevels added in v0.4.0

GetMaxPriceLevels gets MaxPriceLevels, Tag 1090

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMaxShow added in v0.4.0

GetMaxShow gets MaxShow, Tag 210

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMinPriceIncrement added in v0.4.0

GetMinPriceIncrement gets MinPriceIncrement, Tag 969

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMinPriceIncrementAmount added in v0.4.0

GetMinPriceIncrementAmount gets MinPriceIncrementAmount, Tag 1146

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMinQty added in v0.4.0

GetMinQty gets MinQty, Tag 110

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetMoneyLaunderingStatus added in v0.4.0

GetMoneyLaunderingStatus gets MoneyLaunderingStatus, Tag 481

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNTPositionLimit added in v0.4.0

GetNTPositionLimit gets NTPositionLimit, Tag 971

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoComplexEvents added in v0.4.0

GetNoComplexEvents gets NoComplexEvents, Tag 1483

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoEvents added in v0.4.0

GetNoEvents gets NoEvents, Tag 864

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoInstrumentParties added in v0.4.0

GetNoInstrumentParties gets NoInstrumentParties, Tag 1018

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoLegs added in v0.4.0

GetNoLegs gets NoLegs, Tag 555

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoRootPartyIDs added in v0.4.0

GetNoRootPartyIDs gets NoRootPartyIDs, Tag 1116

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoSecurityAltID added in v0.4.0

GetNoSecurityAltID gets NoSecurityAltID, Tag 454

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoSides added in v0.4.0

GetNoSides gets NoSides, Tag 552

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoStipulations added in v0.4.0

GetNoStipulations gets NoStipulations, Tag 232

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoStrategyParameters added in v0.4.0

GetNoStrategyParameters gets NoStrategyParameters, Tag 957

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoTradingSessions added in v0.4.0

GetNoTradingSessions gets NoTradingSessions, Tag 386

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNoUnderlyings added in v0.4.0

GetNoUnderlyings gets NoUnderlyings, Tag 711

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetNotionalPercentageOutstanding added in v0.4.0

GetNotionalPercentageOutstanding gets NotionalPercentageOutstanding, Tag 1451

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetOptAttribute added in v0.4.0

GetOptAttribute gets OptAttribute, Tag 206

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetOptPayoutAmount added in v0.4.0

GetOptPayoutAmount gets OptPayoutAmount, Tag 1195

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetOptPayoutType added in v0.4.0

GetOptPayoutType gets OptPayoutType, Tag 1482

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetOrdType added in v0.4.0

GetOrdType gets OrdType, Tag 40

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetOrderID added in v0.4.0

GetOrderID gets OrderID, Tag 37

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetOrigCrossID added in v0.4.0

GetOrigCrossID gets OrigCrossID, Tag 551

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetOriginalNotionalPercentageOutstanding added in v0.4.0

GetOriginalNotionalPercentageOutstanding gets OriginalNotionalPercentageOutstanding, Tag 1452

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetParticipationRate added in v0.4.0

GetParticipationRate gets ParticipationRate, Tag 849

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegLimitType added in v0.4.0

GetPegLimitType gets PegLimitType, Tag 837

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegMoveType added in v0.4.0

GetPegMoveType gets PegMoveType, Tag 835

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegOffsetType added in v0.4.0

GetPegOffsetType gets PegOffsetType, Tag 836

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegOffsetValue added in v0.4.0

GetPegOffsetValue gets PegOffsetValue, Tag 211

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegPriceType added in v0.4.0

GetPegPriceType gets PegPriceType, Tag 1094

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegRoundDirection added in v0.4.0

GetPegRoundDirection gets PegRoundDirection, Tag 838

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegScope added in v0.4.0

GetPegScope gets PegScope, Tag 840

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegSecurityDesc added in v0.4.0

GetPegSecurityDesc gets PegSecurityDesc, Tag 1099

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegSecurityID added in v0.4.0

GetPegSecurityID gets PegSecurityID, Tag 1097

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegSecurityIDSource added in v0.4.0

GetPegSecurityIDSource gets PegSecurityIDSource, Tag 1096

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPegSymbol added in v0.4.0

GetPegSymbol gets PegSymbol, Tag 1098

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPool added in v0.4.0

GetPool gets Pool, Tag 691

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPositionLimit added in v0.4.0

GetPositionLimit gets PositionLimit, Tag 970

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPrevClosePx added in v0.4.0

GetPrevClosePx gets PrevClosePx, Tag 140

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPrice added in v0.4.0

GetPrice gets Price, Tag 44

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPriceProtectionScope added in v0.4.0

GetPriceProtectionScope gets PriceProtectionScope, Tag 1092

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPriceQuoteMethod added in v0.4.0

GetPriceQuoteMethod gets PriceQuoteMethod, Tag 1196

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPriceType added in v0.4.0

GetPriceType gets PriceType, Tag 423

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPriceUnitOfMeasure added in v0.4.0

GetPriceUnitOfMeasure gets PriceUnitOfMeasure, Tag 1191

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPriceUnitOfMeasureQty added in v0.4.0

GetPriceUnitOfMeasureQty gets PriceUnitOfMeasureQty, Tag 1192

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetProcessCode added in v0.4.0

GetProcessCode gets ProcessCode, Tag 81

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetProduct added in v0.4.0

GetProduct gets Product, Tag 460

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetProductComplex added in v0.4.0

GetProductComplex gets ProductComplex, Tag 1227

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetPutOrCall added in v0.4.0

GetPutOrCall gets PutOrCall, Tag 201

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetQuoteID added in v0.4.0

GetQuoteID gets QuoteID, Tag 117

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetRedemptionDate added in v0.4.0

GetRedemptionDate gets RedemptionDate, Tag 240

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetRefreshQty added in v0.4.0

GetRefreshQty gets RefreshQty, Tag 1088

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetRegistID added in v0.4.0

GetRegistID gets RegistID, Tag 513

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetRepoCollateralSecurityType added in v0.4.0

GetRepoCollateralSecurityType gets RepoCollateralSecurityType, Tag 239

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetRepurchaseRate added in v0.4.0

GetRepurchaseRate gets RepurchaseRate, Tag 227

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetRepurchaseTerm added in v0.4.0

GetRepurchaseTerm gets RepurchaseTerm, Tag 226

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetRestructuringType added in v0.4.0

GetRestructuringType gets RestructuringType, Tag 1449

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecondaryDisplayQty added in v0.4.0

GetSecondaryDisplayQty gets SecondaryDisplayQty, Tag 1082

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityDesc added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityDesc gets SecurityDesc, Tag 107

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityExchange added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityExchange gets SecurityExchange, Tag 207

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityGroup added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityGroup gets SecurityGroup, Tag 1151

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityID added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityID gets SecurityID, Tag 48

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityIDSource added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityIDSource gets SecurityIDSource, Tag 22

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityStatus added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityStatus gets SecurityStatus, Tag 965

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecuritySubType added in v0.4.0

GetSecuritySubType gets SecuritySubType, Tag 762

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityType added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityType gets SecurityType, Tag 167

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityXML added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityXML gets SecurityXML, Tag 1185

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityXMLLen added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityXMLLen gets SecurityXMLLen, Tag 1184

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSecurityXMLSchema added in v0.4.0

GetSecurityXMLSchema gets SecurityXMLSchema, Tag 1186

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSeniority added in v0.4.0

GetSeniority gets Seniority, Tag 1450

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSettlDate added in v0.4.0

GetSettlDate gets SettlDate, Tag 64

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSettlMethod added in v0.4.0

GetSettlMethod gets SettlMethod, Tag 1193

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSettlType added in v0.4.0

GetSettlType gets SettlType, Tag 63

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSettleOnOpenFlag added in v0.4.0

GetSettleOnOpenFlag gets SettleOnOpenFlag, Tag 966

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSpread added in v0.4.0

GetSpread gets Spread, Tag 218

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetStateOrProvinceOfIssue added in v0.4.0

GetStateOrProvinceOfIssue gets StateOrProvinceOfIssue, Tag 471

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetStopPx added in v0.4.0

GetStopPx gets StopPx, Tag 99

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetStrikeCurrency added in v0.4.0

GetStrikeCurrency gets StrikeCurrency, Tag 947

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetStrikeMultiplier added in v0.4.0

GetStrikeMultiplier gets StrikeMultiplier, Tag 967

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetStrikePrice added in v0.4.0

GetStrikePrice gets StrikePrice, Tag 202

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetStrikePriceBoundaryMethod added in v0.4.0

GetStrikePriceBoundaryMethod gets StrikePriceBoundaryMethod, Tag 1479

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetStrikePriceBoundaryPrecision added in v0.4.0

GetStrikePriceBoundaryPrecision gets StrikePriceBoundaryPrecision, Tag 1480

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetStrikePriceDeterminationMethod added in v0.4.0

GetStrikePriceDeterminationMethod gets StrikePriceDeterminationMethod, Tag 1478

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetStrikeValue added in v0.4.0

GetStrikeValue gets StrikeValue, Tag 968

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSymbol added in v0.4.0

GetSymbol gets Symbol, Tag 55

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetSymbolSfx added in v0.4.0

GetSymbolSfx gets SymbolSfx, Tag 65

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTargetStrategy added in v0.4.0

GetTargetStrategy gets TargetStrategy, Tag 847

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTargetStrategyParameters added in v0.4.0

GetTargetStrategyParameters gets TargetStrategyParameters, Tag 848

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTimeInForce added in v0.4.0

GetTimeInForce gets TimeInForce, Tag 59

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTimeUnit added in v0.4.0

GetTimeUnit gets TimeUnit, Tag 997

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTransBkdTime added in v0.4.0

GetTransBkdTime gets TransBkdTime, Tag 483

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTransactTime added in v0.4.0

GetTransactTime gets TransactTime, Tag 60

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerAction added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerAction gets TriggerAction, Tag 1101

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerNewPrice added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerNewPrice gets TriggerNewPrice, Tag 1110

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerNewQty added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerNewQty gets TriggerNewQty, Tag 1112

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerOrderType added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerOrderType gets TriggerOrderType, Tag 1111

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerPrice added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerPrice gets TriggerPrice, Tag 1102

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerPriceDirection added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerPriceDirection gets TriggerPriceDirection, Tag 1109

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerPriceType added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerPriceType gets TriggerPriceType, Tag 1107

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerPriceTypeScope added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerPriceTypeScope gets TriggerPriceTypeScope, Tag 1108

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerSecurityDesc added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerSecurityDesc gets TriggerSecurityDesc, Tag 1106

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerSecurityID added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerSecurityID gets TriggerSecurityID, Tag 1104

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerSecurityIDSource added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerSecurityIDSource gets TriggerSecurityIDSource, Tag 1105

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerSymbol added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerSymbol gets TriggerSymbol, Tag 1103

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerTradingSessionID added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerTradingSessionID gets TriggerTradingSessionID, Tag 1113

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerTradingSessionSubID added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerTradingSessionSubID gets TriggerTradingSessionSubID, Tag 1114

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetTriggerType added in v0.4.0

GetTriggerType gets TriggerType, Tag 1100

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetUnderlyingPriceDeterminationMethod added in v0.4.0

GetUnderlyingPriceDeterminationMethod gets UnderlyingPriceDeterminationMethod, Tag 1481

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetUnitOfMeasure added in v0.4.0

GetUnitOfMeasure gets UnitOfMeasure, Tag 996

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetUnitOfMeasureQty added in v0.4.0

GetUnitOfMeasureQty gets UnitOfMeasureQty, Tag 1147

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetValuationMethod added in v0.4.0

GetValuationMethod gets ValuationMethod, Tag 1197

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetYield added in v0.4.0

GetYield gets Yield, Tag 236

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetYieldCalcDate added in v0.4.0

GetYieldCalcDate gets YieldCalcDate, Tag 701

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetYieldRedemptionDate added in v0.4.0

GetYieldRedemptionDate gets YieldRedemptionDate, Tag 696

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetYieldRedemptionPrice added in v0.4.0

GetYieldRedemptionPrice gets YieldRedemptionPrice, Tag 697

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetYieldRedemptionPriceType added in v0.4.0

GetYieldRedemptionPriceType gets YieldRedemptionPriceType, Tag 698

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) GetYieldType added in v0.4.0

GetYieldType gets YieldType, Tag 235

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasAttachmentPoint added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasAttachmentPoint() bool

HasAttachmentPoint returns true if AttachmentPoint is present, Tag 1457

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkCurveCurrency added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkCurveCurrency() bool

HasBenchmarkCurveCurrency returns true if BenchmarkCurveCurrency is present, Tag 220

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkCurveName added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkCurveName() bool

HasBenchmarkCurveName returns true if BenchmarkCurveName is present, Tag 221

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkCurvePoint added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkCurvePoint() bool

HasBenchmarkCurvePoint returns true if BenchmarkCurvePoint is present, Tag 222

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkPrice added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkPrice() bool

HasBenchmarkPrice returns true if BenchmarkPrice is present, Tag 662

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkPriceType added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkPriceType() bool

HasBenchmarkPriceType returns true if BenchmarkPriceType is present, Tag 663

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkSecurityID added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkSecurityID() bool

HasBenchmarkSecurityID returns true if BenchmarkSecurityID is present, Tag 699

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkSecurityIDSource added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasBenchmarkSecurityIDSource() bool

HasBenchmarkSecurityIDSource returns true if BenchmarkSecurityIDSource is present, Tag 761

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCFICode added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCFICode() bool

HasCFICode returns true if CFICode is present, Tag 461

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCPProgram added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCPProgram() bool

HasCPProgram returns true if CPProgram is present, Tag 875

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCPRegType added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCPRegType() bool

HasCPRegType returns true if CPRegType is present, Tag 876

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCancellationRights added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCancellationRights() bool

HasCancellationRights returns true if CancellationRights is present, Tag 480

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCapPrice added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCapPrice() bool

HasCapPrice returns true if CapPrice is present, Tag 1199

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasComplianceID added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasComplianceID() bool

HasComplianceID returns true if ComplianceID is present, Tag 376

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasContractMultiplier added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasContractMultiplier() bool

HasContractMultiplier returns true if ContractMultiplier is present, Tag 231

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasContractMultiplierUnit added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasContractMultiplierUnit() bool

HasContractMultiplierUnit returns true if ContractMultiplierUnit is present, Tag 1435

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasContractSettlMonth added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasContractSettlMonth() bool

HasContractSettlMonth returns true if ContractSettlMonth is present, Tag 667

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCountryOfIssue added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCountryOfIssue() bool

HasCountryOfIssue returns true if CountryOfIssue is present, Tag 470

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCouponPaymentDate added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCouponPaymentDate() bool

HasCouponPaymentDate returns true if CouponPaymentDate is present, Tag 224

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCouponRate added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCouponRate() bool

HasCouponRate returns true if CouponRate is present, Tag 223

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCreditRating added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCreditRating() bool

HasCreditRating returns true if CreditRating is present, Tag 255

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCrossID added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCrossID() bool

HasCrossID returns true if CrossID is present, Tag 548

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCrossPrioritization added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCrossPrioritization() bool

HasCrossPrioritization returns true if CrossPrioritization is present, Tag 550

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCrossType added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCrossType() bool

HasCrossType returns true if CrossType is present, Tag 549

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCurrency added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasCurrency() bool

HasCurrency returns true if Currency is present, Tag 15

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasDatedDate added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasDatedDate() bool

HasDatedDate returns true if DatedDate is present, Tag 873

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasDesignation added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasDesignation() bool

HasDesignation returns true if Designation is present, Tag 494

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasDetachmentPoint added in v0.4.0

func (m CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasDetachmentPoint() bool

HasDetachmentPoint returns true if DetachmentPoint is present, Tag 1458

func (CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest) HasDiscretionInst added in v0.4.0