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Hello, OpenShift!

This example will serve an HTTP response of "Hello OpenShift!".

$ oc create -f examples/hello-openshift/hello-pod.json

$ oc get pod hello-openshift -o yaml |grep podIP

$ curl
 Hello OpenShift!

The response message can be set by using the RESPONSE environment variable. You will need to edit the pod definition and add an environment variable to the container definition and run the new pod. To do this, edit hello-pod.json and add the following to the container section. Just add the env clause after the image name so you end up with:

    "containers": [
        "name": "hello-openshift",
        "image": "openshift/hello-openshift",
        "env": [
          { "name": "RESPONSE",
            "value": "Hello World!"

After that, if you are running the pod from above, delete it:

$ oc delete pod hello-openshift

Then you can re-create the pod as with the first example, get the new IP address, and then curl will show your new message:

$ curl
 Hello World!

To test from external network, you need to create router. Please refer to Running the router

If you need to rebuild the image:

$ go build -tags netgo   # avoid dynamic linking (we want a static binary)
$ mv hello-openshift bin
$ docker build -t docker.io/openshift/hello-openshift .


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