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func Convert_runtime_Object_To_runtime_RawExtension

func Convert_runtime_Object_To_runtime_RawExtension(c runtime.ObjectConvertor, in *runtime.Object, out *runtime.RawExtension, s conversion.Scope) error

Convert_runtime_Object_To_runtime_RawExtension attempts to convert runtime.Objects to the appropriate target, returning an error if there is insufficient information on the conversion scope to determine the target version.

func Convert_runtime_RawExtension_To_runtime_Object

func Convert_runtime_RawExtension_To_runtime_Object(c runtime.ObjectConvertor, in *runtime.RawExtension, out *runtime.Object, s conversion.Scope) error

Convert_runtime_RawExtension_To_runtime_Object attempts to convert an incoming object into the appropriate output type.

func GetConfigMapName

func GetConfigMapName(base, suffix string) string

GetConfigMapName calls GetName with the length restriction for ConfigMaps

func GetName

func GetName(base, suffix string, maxLength int) string

GetName returns a name given a base ("deployment-5") and a suffix ("deploy") It will first attempt to join them with a dash. If the resulting name is longer than maxLength: if the suffix is too long, it will truncate the base name and add an 8-character hash of the [base]-[suffix] string. If the suffix is not too long, it will truncate the base, add the hash of the base and return [base]-hash-[suffix]

func GetPodName

func GetPodName(base, suffix string) string

GetPodName calls GetName with the length restriction for pods

func InternalListOptionsToSelectors

func InternalListOptionsToSelectors(options *metainternal.ListOptions) (labels.Selector, fields.Selector)

func LegacyMetaV1FieldSelectorConversionWithName

func LegacyMetaV1FieldSelectorConversionWithName(label, value string) (string, string, error)

LegacyMetaV1FieldSelectorConversionWithName auto-accepts metav1 values for name and namespace AND "name" which many of our older resources used.


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