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A CLI tool for working with Angular + Go projects.


  • You must have Go installed and GOPATH & GOBIN setup properly
  • You must have angular-cli installed (any version)

NOTE: Generated angular project version will be based on your angular-cli version


Run go get -u to install the tool globally.

Generate New Project

Run nggo generate -n="{project_name}" to generate a new project. You must provide the name of the project using either -n or --name.

Project Generator Configuration

This tool supports all angular flags and options that can be used with ng new. Simply provide an additional argument to nggo generate with flag --ng. Ex. nggo generate -n="new-project" --ng="--skip-install --style=scss"

Install Dependencies

By default, the angular dependencies will be installed automatically on generation of project (not if you use --skip-install). You may run nggo install inside your project folder to install node + go dependencies. This is a crucial step as the generated go project has dependencies apart from standard library

Note: Projects must be generated in any subdirectory of your GOPATH

Start Development Server

Run nggo serve inside project folder to run the webpack dev server for angular and gin live server for go.



This project is licensed under the Apache License - see the LICENSE file for details.


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