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const (
	// CharSet defines the alphanumeric set for random string generation
	CharSet = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
	// MachineListFormatDeprecationMessage notifies the user that the old
	// MachineList format is no longer supported
	MachineListFormatDeprecationMessage = "Your MachineList items must include Kind and APIVersion"


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func Contains

func Contains(list []string, strToSearch string) bool

Contains returns true if a list contains a string.

func Copy

Copy deep copies a Machine object.

func ExecCommand

func ExecCommand(name string, args ...string) (string, error)

ExecCommand Executes a local command in the current shell.

func Filter

func Filter(list []string, strToFilter string) (newList []string)

Filter filters a list for a string.

func GetControlPlaneMachine

func GetControlPlaneMachine(machines []*clusterv1.Machine) *clusterv1.Machine

GetControlPlaneMachine returns a control plane machine from input. Deprecated: use GetControlPlaneMachines.

func GetControlPlaneMachines

func GetControlPlaneMachines(machines []*clusterv1.Machine) (res []*clusterv1.Machine)

GetControlPlaneMachines returns a slice containing control plane machines.

func GetDefaultKubeConfigPath

func GetDefaultKubeConfigPath() string

GetDefaultKubeConfigPath returns the standard user kubeconfig

func GetMachineIfExists

func GetMachineIfExists(c client.Client, namespace, name string) (*clusterv1.Machine, error)

GetMachineIfExists gets a machine from the API server if it exists

func GetNamespaceOrDefault

func GetNamespaceOrDefault(namespace string) string

GetNamespaceOrDefault returns the default namespace if given empty output.

func Home

func Home() string

Home returns the user home directory.

func IsControlPlaneMachine

func IsControlPlaneMachine(machine *clusterv1.Machine) bool

IsControlPlaneMachine checks machine is a control plane node.

func IsNodeReady

func IsNodeReady(node *v1.Node) bool

IsNodeReady returns true if a node is ready.

func ParseClusterYaml

func ParseClusterYaml(file string) (*clusterv1.Cluster, error)

ParseClusterYaml parses a YAML file for cluster objects.

func ParseMachinesYaml

func ParseMachinesYaml(file string) ([]*clusterv1.Machine, error)

ParseMachinesYaml extracts machine objects from a file.

func Poll

func Poll(interval, timeout time.Duration, condition wait.ConditionFunc) error

func PollImmediate

func PollImmediate(interval, timeout time.Duration, condition wait.ConditionFunc) error

func RandomString

func RandomString(n int) string

RandomString returns a random alphanumeric string.

func RandomToken

func RandomToken() string

RandomToken returns a random token.

func Retry

func Retry(fn wait.ConditionFunc, initialBackoffSec int) error


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