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var (
	// ConfigFileFlag -c|--config
	ConfigFileFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:    "config",
		Aliases: []string{"c"},
		Usage:   "Specify config file",
	// LogFileFlag --log
	LogFileFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "log",
		Usage: "Specify log file, support rotate",
	// LogRotationFlag --rotate
	LogRotationFlag = &cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name:  "rotate",
		Usage: "log rotation time (unit hour)",
		Value: 24,
	// LogMaxAgeFlag --maxage
	LogMaxAgeFlag = &cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name:  "maxage",
		Usage: "log max age (unit hour)",
		Value: 720,
	// VerbosityFlag -v|--verbosity
	VerbosityFlag = &cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name:    "verbosity",
		Aliases: []string{"v"},
		Usage:   "log verbosity (0:panic, 1:fatal, 2:error, 3:warn, 4:info, 5:debug, 6:trace)",
		Value:   4,
	// JSONFormatFlag --json
	JSONFormatFlag = &cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "json",
		Usage: "output log in json format",
	// ColorFormatFlag --color
	ColorFormatFlag = &cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "color",
		Usage: "output log in color text format",
		Value: true,
	// StartHeightFlag --start
	StartHeightFlag = &cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name:  "start",
		Usage: "start height (start inclusive)",
	// EndHeightFlag --end
	EndHeightFlag = &cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name:  "end",
		Usage: "end height (end exclusive)",
	// StableHeightFlag --stable
	StableHeightFlag = &cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name:  "stable",
		Usage: "stable height",
		Value: 5,
	// JobsFlag --jobs
	JobsFlag = &cli.Uint64Flag{
		Name:  "jobs",
		Usage: "number of jobs",
		Value: 4,
	// GatewayFlag --gateway
	GatewayFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "gateway",
		Usage: "gateway URL to connect",
	// SwapServerFlag --swapserver
	SwapServerFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "swapserver",
		Usage: "swap server RPC address",
	// MPCAddressFlag --mpcAddress
	MPCAddressFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "mpcAddress",
		Usage: "mpc address",
	// KeystoreFileFlag --keystore
	KeystoreFileFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "keystore",
		Usage: "keystore file",
	// PasswordFileFlag --password
	PasswordFileFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "password",
		Usage: "password file",
	// SwapTypeFlag --swaptype
	SwapTypeFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "swaptype",
		Usage: "value can be swapin or swapout",
		Value: "swapin",
	// RunServerFlag --runserver
	RunServerFlag = &cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "runserver",
		Usage: "run server if flag is set, or run oracle",
	// ChainIDFlag --chainID
	ChainIDFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "chainID",
		Usage: "chain id (required)",
	// TxIDFlag --txid
	TxIDFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "txid",
		Usage: "tx id (required)",
	// LogIndexFlag --logIndex
	LogIndexFlag = &cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "logIndex",
		Usage: "log index",
	// GasPriceFlag --gasPrice
	GasPriceFlag = &cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "gasPrice",
		Usage: "gas price",

	// CommonLogFlags common log flags
	CommonLogFlags = []cli.Flag{
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var (
	CleanupChan  = make(chan struct{})
	TopWaitGroup = new(sync.WaitGroup)

catch signal and cleanup related

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var (
	// LicenseCommand license cubcommonad
	LicenseCommand = &cli.Command{
		Action:    license,
		Name:      "license",
		Usage:     "Display license information",
		ArgsUsage: " ",
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var (
	// VersionCommand version subcommand
	VersionCommand = &cli.Command{
		Action:    version,
		Name:      "version",
		Usage:     "Print version numbers",
		ArgsUsage: " ",
		Description: `
The output of this command is supposed to be machine-readable.


func GetConfigFilePath

func GetConfigFilePath(ctx *cli.Context) string

GetConfigFilePath specified by `-c|--config`

func IsCleanuping

func IsCleanuping() bool

IsCleanuping is cleanuping

func NewApp

func NewApp(identifier, gitcommit, gitdate, usage string) *cli.App

NewApp creates an app with sane defaults.

func SetLogger

func SetLogger(ctx *cli.Context)

SetLogger set log level, json format, color, rotate ...

func WaitAndCleanup

func WaitAndCleanup(doCleanup func())

WaitAndCleanup wait and cleanup


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