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func PermissionList

func PermissionList() []models.Permission

type Account

type Account struct {

func (*Account) Login

func (a *Account) Login(c *gin.Context)

func (*Account) Register

func (a *Account) Register(c *gin.Context)

type Base

type Base struct {
	Engine *xorm.Engine
	Config config.Config
	Logger utils.ILogger

type File

type File struct {

func (*File) Delete

func (f *File) Delete(c *gin.Context)

func (*File) Find

func (f *File) Find(c *gin.Context)

func (*File) ResizeImage

func (f *File) ResizeImage(c *gin.Context)

func (*File) Upload

func (f *File) Upload(c *gin.Context)

type Role

type Role struct {

func (*Role) AddPermissions

func (r *Role) AddPermissions(c *gin.Context)

func (*Role) AddUser

func (r *Role) AddUser(c *gin.Context)

func (*Role) Create

func (r *Role) Create(c *gin.Context)

func (*Role) Delete

func (r *Role) Delete(c *gin.Context)

func (*Role) DeletePermissions

func (r *Role) DeletePermissions(c *gin.Context)

func (*Role) DeleteUsers

func (r *Role) DeleteUsers(c *gin.Context)

func (*Role) List

func (r *Role) List(c *gin.Context)

func (*Role) Permissions

func (r *Role) Permissions(c *gin.Context)

func (*Role) Users

func (r *Role) Users(c *gin.Context)

type User

type User struct {

func (*User) Active

func (u *User) Active(c *gin.Context)

disable user

func (*User) Get

func (u *User) Get(c *gin.Context)

func (*User) List

func (u *User) List(c *gin.Context)

liist all user is_active 1/0

func (*User) Me

func (u *User) Me(c *gin.Context)

func (*User) Roles

func (u *User) Roles(c *gin.Context)

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