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func GetCreateFlags

func GetCreateFlags() []cli.Flag

GetCreateFlags registers the "machine create" flags recognized by this driver, including their help text and defaults.

func NewDriver

func NewDriver(machineName string, storePath string, caCert string, privateKey string) (drivers.Driver, error)

NewDriver instantiates a Rackspace driver.


type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is a Rackspace specialization of the generic OpenStack driver.

func (*Client) Authenticate

func (c *Client) Authenticate(d *openstack.Driver) error

Authenticate creates a Rackspace-specific Gophercloud client.

func (*Client) GetInstanceIpAddresses

func (c *Client) GetInstanceIpAddresses(d *openstack.Driver) ([]openstack.IpAddress, error)

GetInstanceIpAddresses can be short-circuited with the server's AccessIPv4Addr on Rackspace.

func (*Client) StartInstance

func (c *Client) StartInstance(d *openstack.Driver) error

StartInstance is unfortunately not supported on Rackspace at this time.

func (*Client) StopInstance

func (c *Client) StopInstance(d *openstack.Driver) error

StopInstance is unfortunately not support on Rackspace at this time.

type Driver

type Driver struct {

	APIKey string

Driver is a machine driver for Rackspace. It's a specialization of the generic OpenStack one.

func (*Driver) DriverName

func (d *Driver) DriverName() string

DriverName is the user-visible name of this driver.

func (*Driver) SetConfigFromFlags

func (d *Driver) SetConfigFromFlags(flags drivers.DriverOptions) error

SetConfigFromFlags assigns and verifies the command-line arguments presented to the driver.

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