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func GetCreateFlags

func GetCreateFlags() []cli.Flag

GetCreateFlags registers the flags this driver adds to "docker hosts create"

func NewDriver

func NewDriver(machineName string, storePath string, caCert string, privateKey string) (drivers.Driver, error)


type Driver

type Driver struct {
	UserName       string
	UserPassword   string
	ComputeID      string
	VDCID          string
	OrgVDCNet      string
	EdgeGateway    string
	PublicIP       string
	Catalog        string
	CatalogItem    string
	MachineName    string
	SSHUser        string
	SSHPort        int
	DockerPort     int
	Provision      bool
	CPUCount       int
	MemorySize     int
	CaCertPath     string
	PrivateKeyPath string
	SwarmMaster    bool
	SwarmHost      string
	SwarmDiscovery string
	VAppID         string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Driver) AuthorizePort

func (d *Driver) AuthorizePort(ports []*drivers.Port) error

func (*Driver) Create

func (d *Driver) Create() error

func (*Driver) DeauthorizePort

func (d *Driver) DeauthorizePort(ports []*drivers.Port) error

func (*Driver) DriverName

func (d *Driver) DriverName() string

Driver interface implementation

func (*Driver) GetIP

func (d *Driver) GetIP() (string, error)

func (*Driver) GetMachineName

func (d *Driver) GetMachineName() string

func (*Driver) GetProviderType

func (d *Driver) GetProviderType() provider.ProviderType

func (*Driver) GetSSHHostname

func (d *Driver) GetSSHHostname() (string, error)

func (*Driver) GetSSHKeyPath

func (d *Driver) GetSSHKeyPath() string

func (*Driver) GetSSHPort

func (d *Driver) GetSSHPort() (int, error)

func (*Driver) GetSSHUsername

func (d *Driver) GetSSHUsername() string

func (*Driver) GetState

func (d *Driver) GetState() (state.State, error)

func (*Driver) GetURL

func (d *Driver) GetURL() (string, error)

func (*Driver) Kill

func (d *Driver) Kill() error

func (*Driver) PreCreateCheck

func (d *Driver) PreCreateCheck() error

func (*Driver) Remove

func (d *Driver) Remove() error

func (*Driver) Restart

func (d *Driver) Restart() error

func (*Driver) SetConfigFromFlags

func (d *Driver) SetConfigFromFlags(flags drivers.DriverOptions) error

func (*Driver) Start

func (d *Driver) Start() error

func (*Driver) Stop

func (d *Driver) Stop() error

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