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type RandomArrayGenerator

type RandomArrayGenerator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RandomArrayGenerator is a struct used for constructing Random Arrow arrays for use with testing.

func NewRandomArrayGenerator

func NewRandomArrayGenerator(seed uint64, mem memory.Allocator) RandomArrayGenerator

NewRandomArrayGenerator constructs a new generator with the requested Seed

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Boolean

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Boolean(size int64, prob, nullProb float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Float32

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Float32(size int64, min, max float32, prob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Float64

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Float64(size int64, min, max float64, prob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) GenerateBitmap

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) GenerateBitmap(buffer []byte, n int64, prob float64) int64

GenerateBitmap generates a bitmap of n bits and stores it into buffer. Prob is the probability that a given bit will be zero, with 1-prob being the probability it will be 1. The return value is the number of bits that were left unset. The assumption being that buffer is currently zero initialized as this function does not clear any bits, it only sets 1s.

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Int16

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Int16(size int64, min, max int16, prob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Int32

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Int32(size int64, min, max int32, prob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Int64

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Int64(size int64, min, max int64, prob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Int8

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Int8(size int64, min, max int8, prob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) String

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) String(size int64, minLength, maxLength int, nullprob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Uint16

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Uint16(size int64, min, max uint16, prob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Uint32

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Uint32(size int64, min, max uint32, prob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Uint64

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Uint64(size int64, min, max uint64, prob float64) array.Interface

func (*RandomArrayGenerator) Uint8

func (r *RandomArrayGenerator) Uint8(size int64, min, max uint8, prob float64) array.Interface

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