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const (
	ConfigParamType                  = "type"
	ConfigParamTypeClientCredentials = "client_credentials"
	ConfigParamIssuerURL             = "issuerUrl"
	ConfigParamAudience              = "audience"
	ConfigParamKeyFile               = "privateKey"
	ConfigParamClientID              = "clientId"
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const (
	AthenzRoleAuthHeader = "Athenz-Role-Auth"


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type HTTPAuthProvider added in v0.5.0

type HTTPAuthProvider interface {
	RoundTrip(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)
	Transport() http.RoundTripper
	WithTransport(tripper http.RoundTripper) error

type HTTPTransport added in v0.5.0

type HTTPTransport struct {
	T http.RoundTripper

type Provider

type Provider interface {
	// Init the authentication provider.
	Init() error

	// Name func returns the identifier for this authentication method.
	Name() string

	// return a client certificate chain, or nil if the data are not available
	GetTLSCertificate() (*tls.Certificate, error)

	// GetData returns the authentication data identifying this client that will be sent to the broker.
	GetData() ([]byte, error)



Provider is a interface of authentication providers.

func NewAuthDisabled

func NewAuthDisabled() Provider

NewAuthDisabled return a interface of Provider

func NewAuthenticationAthenz added in v0.1.1

func NewAuthenticationAthenz(
	providerDomain string,
	tenantDomain string,
	tenantService string,
	privateKey string,
	keyID string,
	principalHeader string,
	ztsURL string) Provider

func NewAuthenticationAthenzWithParams added in v0.1.1

func NewAuthenticationAthenzWithParams(params map[string]string) (Provider, error)

func NewAuthenticationFromTLSCertSupplier added in v0.2.0

func NewAuthenticationFromTLSCertSupplier(tlsCertSupplier func() (*tls.Certificate, error)) Provider

func NewAuthenticationOAuth2 added in v0.2.0

func NewAuthenticationOAuth2(
	issuer oauth2.Issuer,
	store store.Store) Provider

func NewAuthenticationOAuth2WithParams added in v0.2.0

func NewAuthenticationOAuth2WithParams(params map[string]string) (Provider, error)

NewAuthenticationOAuth2WithParams return a interface of Provider with string map.

func NewAuthenticationTLS

func NewAuthenticationTLS(certificatePath string, privateKeyPath string) Provider

NewAuthenticationTLS initialize the authentication provider

func NewAuthenticationTLSWithParams

func NewAuthenticationTLSWithParams(params map[string]string) Provider

NewAuthenticationTLSWithParams initialize the authentication provider with map param.

func NewAuthenticationToken

func NewAuthenticationToken(token string) Provider

NewAuthenticationToken returns a token auth provider that will use the specified token to talk with Pulsar brokers

func NewAuthenticationTokenFromFile

func NewAuthenticationTokenFromFile(tokenFilePath string) Provider

NewAuthenticationTokenFromFile return a interface of a Provider with a string token file path.

func NewAuthenticationTokenFromSupplier

func NewAuthenticationTokenFromSupplier(tokenSupplier func() (string, error)) Provider

NewAuthenticationTokenFromSupplier returns a token auth provider that get the token data from a user supplied function. The function is invoked each time the client library needs to use a token in talking with Pulsar brokers

func NewAuthenticationTokenWithParams

func NewAuthenticationTokenWithParams(params map[string]string) (Provider, error)

NewAuthenticationTokenWithParams return a interface of Provider with string map.

func NewProvider

func NewProvider(name string, params string) (Provider, error)

NewProvider get/create an authentication data provider which provides the data that this client will be sent to the broker. Some authentication method need to auth between each client channel. So it need the broker, who it will talk to.

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