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type AdminToken

type AdminToken struct {
	Code           int            `json:"code"`
	Message        string         `json:"message"`
	AdminTokenData AdminTokenData `json:"data"`


  • The ShenYu Admin token *

type AdminTokenData

type AdminTokenData struct {
	ID          string `json:"id"`
	UserName    string `json:"userName"`
	Role        int    `json:"role"`
	Enabled     bool   `json:"enabled"`
	DateCreated string `json:"dateCreated"`
	DateUpdated string `json:"dateUpdated"`
	Token       string `json:"token"` //This param can invoke registory http service to shenyu gateway

type ConsulMetaDataRegister

type ConsulMetaDataRegister struct {
	ServiceId      string            `json:"serviceId"`
	ShenYuMetaData *MetaDataRegister `json:"metaData"`


  • The ConsulMetaDataRegister *

type EtcdMetaDataRegister

type EtcdMetaDataRegister struct {
	ShenYuMetaData *MetaDataRegister `json:"metaData"`


  • The EtcdMetaDataRegister *

type MetaDataRegister

type MetaDataRegister struct {
	AppName          string        `json:"appName"`
	Path             string        `json:"path"`
	ContextPath      string        `json:"contextPath"`
	RuleName         string        `json:"ruleName"`
	RPCType          string        `json:"rpcType"`
	Enabled          bool          `json:"enabled"`
	Host             string        `json:"host"`
	Port             string        `json:"port"`
	PluginNames      []interface{} `json:"pluginNames"`
	RegisterMetaData bool          `json:"registerMetaData"`
	TimeMillis       int64         `json:"timeMillis"`


  • The ShenYu common MetaDataRegister *

type NacosRegisterInstance

type NacosRegisterInstance struct {
	RegisterInstance vo.RegisterInstanceParam `json:"RegisterInstanceParam"`


  • The nacos service instance *

type ShenYuAdminClient

type ShenYuAdminClient struct {
	UserName string `json:"userName"` //optional
	Password string `json:"password"` //optional

type ShenYuCommonRequest

type ShenYuCommonRequest struct {
	Url        string                 `json:"url"`
	Header     http.Header            `json:"header"`
	Params     map[string]string      `json:"jsons"`
	TimeoutMs  uint64                 `json:"timeoutMs"`
	HttpClient http_client.HttpClient `json:"httpClient"`


  • The ShenYuCommonRequest *

type URIRegister

type URIRegister struct {
	Protocol    string `json:"protocol"`
	AppName     string `json:"appName"`
	ContextPath string `json:"contextPath"`
	RPCType     string `json:"rpcType"`
	Host        string `json:"host"`
	Port        string `json:"port"`


  • The ShenYu Http URIRegister *

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