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Published: Sep 19, 2017 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
ace Package ace contains a tool intended to be run within an _Application Container Executor_ to validate that the ACE has set up the container environment correctly.
aci Package aci contains various functions for working with App Container Images.
actool Package main contains a tool for building and validating images and manifests that meet the App Container specifications.
discovery Package discovery contains an experimental implementation of the Image Discovery section of the appc specification.
pkg/tarheader Package tarheader contains a simple abstraction to accurately create tar.Headers on different operating systems.
schema Package schema provides definitions for the JSON schema of the different manifests in the App Container Specification.
schema/lastditch Package lastditch provides fallback redefinitions of parts of schemas provided by schema package.
schema/types Package types contains structs representing the various types in the app container specification.