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const (
	OwnerTypeUser = "User"


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func AddLabelToRepo added in v0.2.0

func AddLabelToRepo(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, repo *github.Repository) error

func CreateTeamIfMissing added in v0.2.11

func CreateTeamIfMissing(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, org, team string) (int64, error)

func LabelExists added in v0.2.0

func LabelExists(labels []*github.Label, name string) (*github.Label, bool)

func ListBranches

func ListBranches(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, repo *github.Repository) ([]*github.Branch, error)

func ListLabels added in v0.2.0

func ListLabels(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, repo *github.Repository) ([]*github.Label, error)

func ListOrgs

func ListOrgs(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, opt *github.ListOptions) ([]*github.Organization, error)

func ListPackageVersions added in v0.2.14

func ListPackageVersions(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, owner, pkg string) ([]*github.PackageVersion, error)

func ListReleases added in v0.2.12

func ListReleases(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, owner, repo string) ([]*github.RepositoryRelease, error)

func ListRepos

func ListRepos(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, user string, opt *github.RepositoryListOptions, fork bool) ([]*github.Repository, error)

func ListStargazers

func ListStargazers(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, repo *github.Repository, opt *github.ListOptions) ([]*github.Stargazer, error)

func ListWatchedRepos

func ListWatchedRepos(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, opt *github.ListOptions) ([]*github.Repository, error)

func ListWatchers

func ListWatchers(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, repo *github.Repository, opt *github.ListOptions) ([]*github.User, error)

func NewCmdAddLabels added in v0.2.0

func NewCmdAddLabels() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdChangelog

func NewCmdChangelog() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdCopyRelease added in v0.2.12

func NewCmdCopyRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdDeletePackage added in v0.2.14

func NewCmdDeletePackage() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdDeleteRelease added in v0.2.12

func NewCmdDeleteRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdListOrgs

func NewCmdListOrgs() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdListRepos added in v0.2.12

func NewCmdListRepos() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdProtect

func NewCmdProtect() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdRelease

func NewCmdRelease() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdStarReport

func NewCmdStarReport() *cobra.Command

func NewCmdStopWatch

func NewCmdStopWatch() *cobra.Command

func NewRootCmd

func NewRootCmd(version string) *cobra.Command

func ProtectBranch

func ProtectBranch(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, owner, repo, branch string, private bool) error

func ProtectRepo

func ProtectRepo(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, repo *github.Repository) error

func ShardOrgs added in v0.2.13

func ShardOrgs(in []*github.Organization, shardIndex, shards int) []*github.Organization

func TeamMaintainsRepo added in v0.2.11

func TeamMaintainsRepo(ctx context.Context, client *github.Client, org, team, repo string) error


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