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Published: Jun 22, 2022 License: MIT Imports: 6 Imported by: 80



Package aptly provides common infrastructure that doesn't depend directly on Debian or CentOS



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const EnableDebug = false

EnableDebug triggers some debugging features


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var Version string

Version of aptly (filled in at link time)


This section is empty.


type BarType added in v1.5.0

type BarType int

BarType used to differentiate between different progress bars

const (
	// BarGeneralBuildPackageList identifies bar for building package list
	BarGeneralBuildPackageList BarType = iota
	// BarGeneralVerifyDependencies identifies bar for verifying dependencies
	// BarGeneralBuildFileList identifies bar for building file list
	// BarCleanupBuildList identifies bar for building list to cleanup
	// BarCleanupDeleteUnreferencedFiles identifies bar for deleting unreferenced files
	// BarMirrorUpdateDownloadIndexes identifies bar for downloading index files
	// BarMirrorUpdateDownloadPackages identifies bar for downloading packages
	// BarMirrorUpdateBuildPackageList identifies bar for building package list of downloaded files
	// BarMirrorUpdateImportFiles identifies bar for importing package files
	// BarMirrorUpdateFinalizeDownload identifies bar for finalizing downloads
	// BarPublishGeneratePackageFiles identifies bar for generating package files to publish
	// BarPublishFinalizeIndexes identifies bar for finalizing index files

type ChecksumStorage added in v1.1.0

type ChecksumStorage interface {
	// Get finds checksums in DB by path
	Get(path string) (*utils.ChecksumInfo, error)
	// Update adds or updates information about checksum in DB
	Update(path string, c *utils.ChecksumInfo) error

ChecksumStorage is stores checksums in some (persistent) storage

type ChecksumStorageProvider added in v1.5.0

type ChecksumStorageProvider func(db database.ReaderWriter) ChecksumStorage

ChecksumStorageProvider creates ChecksumStorage based on DB

type ConsoleResultReporter added in v0.9.1

type ConsoleResultReporter struct {
	Progress Progress

ConsoleResultReporter is implementation of ResultReporter that prints in colors to console

func (*ConsoleResultReporter) Added added in v0.9.1

func (c *ConsoleResultReporter) Added(msg string, a ...interface{})

Added is signal that something has been added (green)

func (*ConsoleResultReporter) Removed added in v0.9.1

func (c *ConsoleResultReporter) Removed(msg string, a ...interface{})

Removed is signal that something has been removed (red)

func (*ConsoleResultReporter) Warning added in v0.9.1

func (c *ConsoleResultReporter) Warning(msg string, a ...interface{})

Warning is non-fatal error message (yellow)

type Downloader

type Downloader interface {
	// Download starts new download task
	Download(ctx context.Context, url string, destination string) error
	// DownloadWithChecksum starts new download task with checksum verification
	DownloadWithChecksum(ctx context.Context, url string, destination string, expected *utils.ChecksumInfo, ignoreMismatch bool) error
	// GetProgress returns Progress object
	GetProgress() Progress
	// GetLength returns size by heading object with url
	GetLength(ctx context.Context, url string) (int64, error)

Downloader is parallel HTTP fetcher

type FileSystemPublishedStorage added in v1.1.0

type FileSystemPublishedStorage interface {
	// PublicPath returns root of public part
	PublicPath() string

FileSystemPublishedStorage is published storage on filesystem

type LocalPackagePool added in v1.1.0

type LocalPackagePool interface {
	// GenerateTempPath generates temporary path for download (which is fast to import into package pool later on)
	GenerateTempPath(filename string) (string, error)
	// Link generates hardlink to destination path
	Link(path, dstPath string) error
	// Symlink generates symlink to destination path
	Symlink(path, dstPath string) error
	// FullPath generates full path to the file in pool
	// Please use with care: it's not supposed to be used to access files
	FullPath(path string) string

LocalPackagePool is implemented by PackagePools residing on the same filesystem

type PackagePool

type PackagePool interface {
	// Verify checks whether file exists in the pool and fills back checksum info
	// if poolPath is empty, poolPath is generated automatically based on checksum info (if available)
	// in any case, if function returns true, it also fills back checksums with complete information about the file in the pool
	Verify(poolPath, basename string, checksums *utils.ChecksumInfo, checksumStorage ChecksumStorage) (string, bool, error)
	// Import copies file into package pool
	// - srcPath is full path to source file as it is now
	// - basename is desired human-readable name (canonical filename)
	// - checksums are used to calculate file placement
	// - move indicates whether srcPath can be removed
	Import(srcPath, basename string, checksums *utils.ChecksumInfo, move bool, storage ChecksumStorage) (path string, err error)
	// LegacyPath returns legacy (pre 1.1) path to package file (relative to root)
	LegacyPath(filename string, checksums *utils.ChecksumInfo) (string, error)
	// Stat returns Unix stat(2) info
	Stat(path string) (os.FileInfo, error)
	// Open returns ReadSeekerCloser to access the file
	Open(path string) (ReadSeekerCloser, error)
	// FilepathList returns file paths of all the files in the pool
	FilepathList(progress Progress) ([]string, error)
	// Remove deletes file in package pool returns its size
	Remove(path string) (size int64, err error)

PackagePool is asbtraction of package pool storage.

PackagePool stores all the package files, deduplicating them.

type Progress

type Progress interface {
	// Writer interface to support progress bar ticking
	// Start makes progress start its work
	// Shutdown shuts down progress display
	// Flush returns when all queued messages are sent
	// InitBar starts progressbar for count bytes or count items
	InitBar(count int64, isBytes bool, barType BarType)
	// ShutdownBar stops progress bar and hides it
	// AddBar increments progress for progress bar
	AddBar(count int)
	// SetBar sets current position for progress bar
	SetBar(count int)
	// Printf does printf but in safe manner: not overwriting progress bar
	Printf(msg string, a ...interface{})
	// ColoredPrintf does printf in colored way + newline
	ColoredPrintf(msg string, a ...interface{})
	// PrintfStdErr does printf but in safe manner to stderr
	PrintfStdErr(msg string, a ...interface{})

Progress is a progress displaying entity, it allows progress bars & simple prints

type PublishedStorage

type PublishedStorage interface {
	// MkDir creates directory recursively under public path
	MkDir(path string) error
	// PutFile puts file into published storage at specified path
	PutFile(path string, sourceFilename string) error
	// RemoveDirs removes directory structure under public path
	RemoveDirs(path string, progress Progress) error
	// Remove removes single file under public path
	Remove(path string) error
	// LinkFromPool links package file from pool to dist's pool location
	LinkFromPool(publishedDirectory, fileName string, sourcePool PackagePool, sourcePath string, sourceChecksums utils.ChecksumInfo, force bool) error
	// Filelist returns list of files under prefix
	Filelist(prefix string) ([]string, error)
	// RenameFile renames (moves) file
	RenameFile(oldName, newName string) error
	// SymLink creates a symbolic link, which can be read with ReadLink
	SymLink(src string, dst string) error
	// HardLink creates a hardlink of a file
	HardLink(src string, dst string) error
	// FileExists returns true if path exists
	FileExists(path string) (bool, error)
	// ReadLink returns the symbolic link pointed to by path
	ReadLink(path string) (string, error)

PublishedStorage is abstraction of filesystem storing all published repositories

type PublishedStorageProvider added in v0.7.1

type PublishedStorageProvider interface {
	// GetPublishedStorage returns PublishedStorage by name
	GetPublishedStorage(name string) PublishedStorage

PublishedStorageProvider is a thing that returns PublishedStorage by name

type ReadSeekerCloser added in v1.1.0

type ReadSeekerCloser interface {

ReadSeekerCloser = ReadSeeker + Closer

type RecordingResultReporter added in v0.9.1

type RecordingResultReporter struct {
	Warnings     []string
	AddedLines   []string `json:"Added"`
	RemovedLines []string `json:"Removed"`

RecordingResultReporter is implementation of ResultReporter that collects all messages

func (*RecordingResultReporter) Added added in v0.9.1

func (r *RecordingResultReporter) Added(msg string, a ...interface{})

Added is signal that something has been added

func (*RecordingResultReporter) Removed added in v0.9.1

func (r *RecordingResultReporter) Removed(msg string, a ...interface{})

Removed is signal that something has been removed

func (*RecordingResultReporter) Warning added in v0.9.1

func (r *RecordingResultReporter) Warning(msg string, a ...interface{})

Warning is non-fatal error message

type ResultReporter added in v0.9.1

type ResultReporter interface {
	// Warning is non-fatal error message
	Warning(msg string, a ...interface{})
	// Removed is signal that something has been removed
	Removed(msg string, a ...interface{})
	// Added is signal that something has been added
	Added(msg string, a ...interface{})

ResultReporter is abstraction for result reporting from complex processing functions

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