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const (
	// DefaultRepoServerAddr is the gRPC address of the Argo CD repo server
	DefaultRepoServerAddr = "argocd-repo-server:8081"
	// DefaultDexServerAddr is the HTTP address of the Dex OIDC server, which we run a reverse proxy against
	DefaultDexServerAddr = "http://argocd-dex-server:5556"
	// DefaultRedisAddr is the default redis address
	DefaultRedisAddr = "argocd-redis:6379"

Default service addresses and URLS of Argo CD internal services

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const (
	ArgoCDConfigMapName     = "argocd-cm"
	ArgoCDSecretName        = "argocd-secret"
	ArgoCDRBACConfigMapName = "argocd-rbac-cm"
	// Contains SSH known hosts data for connecting repositories. Will get mounted as volume to pods
	ArgoCDKnownHostsConfigMapName = "argocd-ssh-known-hosts-cm"
	// Contains TLS certificate data for connecting repositories. Will get mounted as volume to pods
	ArgoCDTLSCertsConfigMapName = "argocd-tls-certs-cm"
	ArgoCDGPGKeysConfigMapName  = "argocd-gpg-keys-cm"

Kubernetes ConfigMap and Secret resource names which hold Argo CD settings

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const (
	DefaultSystemNamespace = "kube-system"
	DefaultRepoType        = "git"

Some default configurables

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const (
	DefaultPortAPIServer              = 8080
	DefaultPortRepoServer             = 8081
	DefaultPortArgoCDMetrics          = 8082
	DefaultPortArgoCDAPIServerMetrics = 8083
	DefaultPortRepoServerMetrics      = 8084

Default listener ports for ArgoCD components

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const (
	// The default path where TLS certificates for repositories are located
	DefaultPathTLSConfig = "/app/config/tls"
	// The default path where SSH known hosts are stored
	DefaultPathSSHConfig = "/app/config/ssh"
	// Default name for the SSH known hosts file
	DefaultSSHKnownHostsName = "ssh_known_hosts"
	// Default path to GnuPG home directory
	DefaultGnuPgHomePath = "/app/config/gpg/keys"

Default paths on the pod's file system

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const (
	DefaultSyncRetryDuration    = 5 * time.Second
	DefaultSyncRetryMaxDuration = 3 * time.Minute
	DefaultSyncRetryFactor      = int64(2)
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const (
	// KubernetesInternalAPIServerAddr is address of the k8s API server when accessing internal to the cluster
	KubernetesInternalAPIServerAddr = "https://kubernetes.default.svc"
	// DefaultAppProjectName contains name of 'default' app project, which is available in every Argo CD installation
	DefaultAppProjectName = "default"
	// ArgoCDAdminUsername is the username of the 'admin' user
	ArgoCDAdminUsername = "admin"
	// ArgoCDUserAgentName is the default user-agent name used by the gRPC API client library and grpc-gateway
	ArgoCDUserAgentName = "argocd-client"
	// AuthCookieName is the HTTP cookie name where we store our auth token
	AuthCookieName = "argocd.token"
	// RevisionHistoryLimit is the max number of successful sync to keep in history
	RevisionHistoryLimit = 10
	// ChangePasswordSSOTokenMaxAge is the max token age for password change operation
	ChangePasswordSSOTokenMaxAge = time.Minute * 5

Argo CD application related constants

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const (
	// DexAPIEndpoint is the endpoint where we serve the Dex API server
	DexAPIEndpoint = "/api/dex"
	// LoginEndpoint is Argo CD's shorthand login endpoint which redirects to dex's OAuth 2.0 provider's consent page
	LoginEndpoint = "/auth/login"
	// LogoutEndpoint is Argo CD's shorthand logout endpoint which invalidates OIDC session after logout
	LogoutEndpoint = "/auth/logout"
	// CallbackEndpoint is Argo CD's final callback endpoint we reach after OAuth 2.0 login flow has been completed
	CallbackEndpoint = "/auth/callback"
	// DexCallbackEndpoint is Argo CD's final callback endpoint when Dex is configured
	DexCallbackEndpoint = "/api/dex/callback"
	// ArgoCDClientAppName is name of the Oauth client app used when registering our web app to dex
	ArgoCDClientAppName = "Argo CD"
	// ArgoCDClientAppID is the Oauth client ID we will use when registering our app to dex
	ArgoCDClientAppID = "argo-cd"
	// ArgoCDCLIClientAppName is name of the Oauth client app used when registering our CLI to dex
	ArgoCDCLIClientAppName = "Argo CD CLI"
	// ArgoCDCLIClientAppID is the Oauth client ID we will use when registering our CLI to dex
	ArgoCDCLIClientAppID = "argo-cd-cli"

Dex related constants

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const (
	// LabelKeyAppInstance is the label key to use to uniquely identify the instance of an application
	// The Argo CD application name is used as the instance name
	LabelKeyAppInstance = ""
	// LegacyLabelApplicationName is the legacy label (v0.10 and below) and is superceded by ''
	LabelKeyLegacyApplicationName = ""
	// LabelKeySecretType contains the type of argocd secret (currently: 'cluster')
	LabelKeySecretType = ""
	// LabelValueSecretTypeCluster indicates a secret type of cluster
	LabelValueSecretTypeCluster = "cluster"

	// AnnotationCompareOptions is a comma-separated list of options for comparison
	AnnotationCompareOptions = ""

	// AnnotationKeyRefresh is the annotation key which indicates that app needs to be refreshed. Removed by application controller after app is refreshed.
	// Might take values 'normal'/'hard'. Value 'hard' means manifest cache and target cluster state cache should be invalidated before refresh.
	AnnotationKeyRefresh = ""
	// AnnotationKeyManagedBy is annotation name which indicates that k8s resource is managed by an application.
	AnnotationKeyManagedBy = "managed-by"
	// AnnotationValueManagedByArgoCD is a 'managed-by' annotation value for resources managed by Argo CD
	AnnotationValueManagedByArgoCD = ""
	// ResourcesFinalizerName the finalizer value which we inject to finalize deletion of an application
	ResourcesFinalizerName = ""

	// AnnotationKeyManifestGeneratePaths is an annotation that contains a list of semicolon-separated paths in the
	// manifests repository that affects the manifest generation. Paths might be either relative or absolute. The
	// absolute path means an absolute path within the repository and the relative path is relative to the application
	// source path within the repository.
	AnnotationKeyManifestGeneratePaths = ""

	// AnnotationKeyLinkPrefix tells the UI to add an external link icon to the application node
	// that links to the value given in the annotation.
	// The annotation key must be followed by a unique identifier. Ex:
	// It's valid to have multiple annotations that match the prefix.
	// Values can simply be a url or they can have
	// an optional link title separated by a "|"
	// Ex: ""
	// Ex: "Go to Dashboard|"
	AnnotationKeyLinkPrefix = ""

Resource metadata labels and annotations (keys and values) used by Argo CD components

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const (
	// EnvVarSSODebug is an environment variable to enable additional OAuth debugging in the API server
	// EnvVarRBACDebug is an environment variable to enable additional RBAC debugging in the API server
	// EnvVarFakeInClusterConfig is an environment variable to fake an in-cluster RESTConfig using
	// the current kubectl context (for development purposes)
	EnvVarFakeInClusterConfig = "ARGOCD_FAKE_IN_CLUSTER"
	// Overrides the location where SSH known hosts for repo access data is stored
	// Overrides the location where TLS certificate for repo access data is stored
	// Specifies number of git remote operations attempts count
	// Overrides git submodule support, true by default
	EnvGitSubmoduleEnabled = "ARGOCD_GIT_MODULES_ENABLED"
	// EnvK8sClientQPS is the QPS value used for the kubernetes client (default: 50)
	// EnvK8sClientBurst is the burst value used for the kubernetes client (default: twice the client QPS)
	EnvK8sClientBurst = "ARGOCD_K8S_CLIENT_BURST"
	// EnvClusterCacheResyncDuration is the env variable that holds cluster cache re-sync duration
	// EnvK8sClientMaxIdleConnections is the number of max idle connections in K8s REST client HTTP transport (default: 500)
	// EnvGnuPGHome is the path to ArgoCD's GnuPG keyring for signature verification
	// EnvWatchAPIBufferSize is the buffer size used to transfer K8S watch events to watch API consumer
	// EnvPauseGenerationAfterFailedAttempts will pause manifest generation after the specified number of failed generation attempts
	EnvPauseGenerationAfterFailedAttempts = "ARGOCD_PAUSE_GEN_AFTER_FAILED_ATTEMPTS"
	// EnvPauseGenerationMinutes pauses manifest generation for the specified number of minutes, after sufficient manifest generation failures
	EnvPauseGenerationMinutes = "ARGOCD_PAUSE_GEN_MINUTES"
	// EnvPauseGenerationRequests pauses manifest generation for the specified number of requests, after sufficient manifest generation failures
	EnvPauseGenerationRequests = "ARGOCD_PAUSE_GEN_REQUESTS"
	// EnvControllerReplicas is the number of controller replicas
	// EnvControllerShard is the shard number that should be handled by controller
	// EnvEnableGRPCTimeHistogramEnv enables gRPC metrics collection

Environment variables for tuning and debugging Argo CD

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const (
	// MinClientVersion is the minimum client version that can interface with this API server.
	// When introducing breaking changes to the API or datastructures, this number should be bumped.
	// The value here may be lower than the current value in VERSION
	MinClientVersion = "1.4.0"
	// CacheVersion is a objects version cached using util/cache/cache.go.
	// Number should be bumped in case of backward incompatible change to make sure cache is invalidated after upgrade.
	CacheVersion = "1.8.3"


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var (
	// K8sClientConfigQPS controls the QPS to be used in K8s REST client configs
	K8sClientConfigQPS float32 = 50
	// K8sClientConfigBurst controls the burst to be used in K8s REST client configs
	K8sClientConfigBurst int = 100
	// K8sMaxIdleConnections controls the number of max idle connections in K8s REST client HTTP transport
	K8sMaxIdleConnections = 500
	// K8sMaxIdleConnections controls the duration of cluster cache refresh
	K8SClusterResyncDuration = 12 * time.Hour


func GetGnuPGHomePath added in v1.7.0

func GetGnuPGHomePath() string

GetGnuPGHomePath retrieves the path to use for GnuPG home directory, which is either taken from GNUPGHOME environment or a default value


type Version added in v1.1.0

type Version struct {
	Version      string
	BuildDate    string
	GitCommit    string
	GitTag       string
	GitTreeState string
	GoVersion    string
	Compiler     string
	Platform     string

Version contains Argo version information

func GetVersion added in v1.1.0

func GetVersion() Version

GetVersion returns the version information

func (Version) String added in v1.1.0

func (v Version) String() string

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