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type ArgoDB

type ArgoDB interface {
	// ListClusters lists configured clusters
	ListClusters(ctx context.Context) (*appv1.ClusterList, error)
	// CreateCluster creates a cluster
	CreateCluster(ctx context.Context, c *appv1.Cluster) (*appv1.Cluster, error)
	// WatchClusters allow watching for cluster informer
	WatchClusters(ctx context.Context,
		handleAddEvent func(cluster *appv1.Cluster),
		handleModEvent func(oldCluster *appv1.Cluster, newCluster *appv1.Cluster),
		handleDeleteEvent func(clusterServer string)) error
	// Get returns a cluster from a query
	GetCluster(ctx context.Context, server string) (*appv1.Cluster, error)
	// UpdateCluster updates a cluster
	UpdateCluster(ctx context.Context, c *appv1.Cluster) (*appv1.Cluster, error)
	// DeleteCluster deletes a cluster by name
	DeleteCluster(ctx context.Context, server string) error

	// ListRepositories lists repositories
	ListRepositories(ctx context.Context) ([]*appv1.Repository, error)

	// CreateRepository creates a repository
	CreateRepository(ctx context.Context, r *appv1.Repository) (*appv1.Repository, error)
	// GetRepository returns a repository by URL
	GetRepository(ctx context.Context, url string) (*appv1.Repository, error)
	// UpdateRepository updates a repository
	UpdateRepository(ctx context.Context, r *appv1.Repository) (*appv1.Repository, error)
	// DeleteRepository deletes a repository from config
	DeleteRepository(ctx context.Context, name string) error

	// ListRepoCredentials list all repo credential sets URL patterns
	ListRepositoryCredentials(ctx context.Context) ([]string, error)
	// GetRepoCredentials gets repo credentials for given URL
	GetRepositoryCredentials(ctx context.Context, name string) (*appv1.RepoCreds, error)
	// CreateRepoCredentials creates a repository credential set
	CreateRepositoryCredentials(ctx context.Context, r *appv1.RepoCreds) (*appv1.RepoCreds, error)
	// UpdateRepoCredentials updates a repository credential set
	UpdateRepositoryCredentials(ctx context.Context, r *appv1.RepoCreds) (*appv1.RepoCreds, error)
	// DeleteRepoCredentials deletes a repository credential set from config
	DeleteRepositoryCredentials(ctx context.Context, name string) error

	// ListRepoCertificates lists all configured certificates
	ListRepoCertificates(ctx context.Context, selector *CertificateListSelector) (*appv1.RepositoryCertificateList, error)
	// CreateRepoCertificate creates a new certificate entry
	CreateRepoCertificate(ctx context.Context, certificate *appv1.RepositoryCertificateList, upsert bool) (*appv1.RepositoryCertificateList, error)
	// CreateRepoCertificate creates a new certificate entry
	RemoveRepoCertificates(ctx context.Context, selector *CertificateListSelector) (*appv1.RepositoryCertificateList, error)

	// ListHelmRepositories lists repositories
	ListHelmRepositories(ctx context.Context) ([]*appv1.Repository, error)

	// ListConfiguredGPGPublicKeys returns all GPG public key IDs that are configured
	ListConfiguredGPGPublicKeys(ctx context.Context) (map[string]*appv1.GnuPGPublicKey, error)
	// AddGPGPublicKey adds one ore more GPG public keys to the configuration
	AddGPGPublicKey(ctx context.Context, keyData string) (map[string]*appv1.GnuPGPublicKey, []string, error)
	// DeleteGPGPublicKey removes a GPG public key from the configuration
	DeleteGPGPublicKey(ctx context.Context, keyID string) error

func NewDB

func NewDB(namespace string, settingsMgr *settings.SettingsManager, kubeclientset kubernetes.Interface) ArgoDB

NewDB returns a new instance of the argo database

type CertificateListSelector added in v1.2.0

type CertificateListSelector struct {
	// Pattern to match the hostname with
	HostNamePattern string
	// Type of certificate to match
	CertType string
	// Subtype of certificate to match
	CertSubType string

Helper struct for certificate selection

type ClusterEvent

type ClusterEvent struct {
	Type    watch.EventType
	Cluster *appv1.Cluster

ClusterEvent contains information about cluster event

type SSHKnownHostsEntry added in v1.2.0

type SSHKnownHostsEntry struct {
	// Hostname the key is for
	Host string
	// The type of the key
	SubType string
	// The data of the key, including the type
	Data string
	// The SHA256 fingerprint of the key
	Fingerprint string

A struct representing an entry in the list of SSH known hosts.

type TLSCertificate added in v1.2.0

type TLSCertificate struct {
	// Subject of the certificate
	Subject string
	// Issuer of the certificate
	Issuer string
	// Certificate data
	Data string

A representation of a TLS certificate


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